Score!! Ü

The girls and I went to our favorite thrift store yesterday.I had never rummaged through th patterns before but decided to.I am SO glad I did! I have this thing for vintage patterns. Especially nightwear and aprons. Dont you just love the footed pj's! I am thinking I probably will make those too.Ü

Has anyone made this bag? The pattern is itty bitty bag. Or atleast I think it is. I made it today for an upcoming swap I am in and want to make a few more. BUT I am not twitterpated over the instructions. I am thinking that it is me? I dont know. I would be curious to hear from anyone else that has made it.

My biggest problem is that all the seams are visible from the inside. That is going to have to be changed. I dont like that.I wound up sewing bias tape in to cover them. a HUGE pet peeve of mine. There is a reason I line things. Second I KNOW I must be doing the zipper wrong. UGH. I had to redo it 3 times and still dont understand the way the instructions are written.So that I am going to have to redo also.

Tomorrow I have a quilt to load.A wholecloth baby quilt. Fingers crossed that I dont screw it up!


Jan said…
I bet the baby quilt turns out wonderful!!! Go Becca!
Twincerely,Olga said…
wow! beautiful things! stopping by from SITS

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