So FAR Out Of My Box!

Nope you are not at the wrong blog! Thought I was just mixing things up yesterday, didnt you! I dont know what ND has done to me but its freaking me out!!!

This is my winter reading. TOTALLY looks like I stole Jans post doesnt it.Ü. I had high hopes of convincing Little A to read all these and then implement them in the spring but WH says that might be considered child labour. Hmphhh. So?

I have all winter to convince myself that going outside will NOT kill me. It wont.Getting dirty may be fun. Maybe.It will ALL be worth it to feed my family with healthier vegetable. It will. Yup its time to put my big girl panties on.


Good luck with your new outdoor adventures!

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Nana's Box
Vicki W said…
It it were me, I'd gp back and pursue the child labor angle. Who's going to notice "way up there" in ND?
Freda said…
GO BECCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan said…
Hmmm maybe I should hire you to be a guest blogger!!!!! LOL Now... are you ready for the vermicomposting worms? I have to go look in my bin and add a tray soon. If it gets too cold you can't ship them to ND!! :-)

By the way.... book reports... little A needs to do book reports that give you cliff notes LOL If that actually works... let me know ;-)
Anonymous said…
Trust me - getting dirty is fun! I was the typical little girl with long blonde curls and always in a dress...never got my hands 65 now, and boy am I making up for lost time. Don't wait that long - get out there next spring & dig! You're gonna love it. BTW - how's that Ben and Jerry's?:o)

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