Thursday, October 15, 2009


Two posts in one day How About That!

OK this is for Debbie who asked if I had a good recipie for this?

First off I want to know what this is and am I missing something good here? I dont like to miss good things when it comes to food.

Second does anyone want to give us a good recipie? I think I may need to try this and Debbie wants a good recipie.Ü


Jody said...

sounds German, which = good. I'm awaiting the recipe with bated breath!!

Cathy said...

It is a German word and it is very much like liverwurst, or at least it looks like it when my husband brings it home for his sandwiches. I don't have a recipe, since I have never made the stuff. Good luck on finding a recipe!

Jami said...

I smells nasty! :D I can remember my Dad and Mom eating this when I was little. I don't think the smell has changed any in all these years...ROFLMAO!!!!!

Jami said...

I mean "IT" smells nasty..."I" had a shower this AM!! :-)

Debbie said...

Yup, Cathy is's liverwurst. Some people call it liver cheese. Nothing cheeeesy about it though, it's made with liver. I understand best bets for good recipes would be goose hunters, because they use the goose livers.
Yummy on crackers!

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