My Mighty Hunters

This weekend will be all about getting them ready for their big boys weekend at shooting in the air, er I mean at the geese.

WH went and bought a thing that shoots these clay things (yeah I am really up on the lingo) into the air and they have been driving the neighbors crazy all week.I am so glad that they arent really super close.

Now they have ALL the man gear you can think of except for this grass suit thingy that I saw at Scheels and really thought they needed. They didnt think so though.First thing Monday morning they are off! The house work stops and Mom gets 3 whole days to play! I may not understand it but I do love hunting season.

I am pretty sure the geese are safe too.Ü


Anonymous said…
my mighty hunter left too....but just for the day.
Freda said…
When it comes to hunting around here, I go too! Yep, I'm a hunter too.
Jan said…
I have to admit... if any member of my family started shooting anything in the yard... I'd leave for the nearest luxury spa until they stopped! LOL
Anonymous said…
Aw, cute pics.
Debbie said…
Hey there Pioneer Woman, do you make braunschwager out of the goose livers? I've got a neighbor that's PROMISED me he'll set aside some of those livers for me and I'm looking for a great recipe....xoxo
taylorsoutback said…
Must be a clay target thrower? Same way here in Northern Wisconsin though my DH is now strictly a skeet shooter and gave up tromping through the woods after 2 knee replacements. But we will be surrounded by hunters come November when deer season kicks in.

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