Opinions Please!!!!!

First off I hope I dont get in trouble for copying this photo. But I NEED help!

One of my boys (A VERY very very close friends son) is graduating from high school. I LOVE this kid.Almost as much as his mom.Ü. Anyways two years ago his brother graduated and I made him a New York Beauty in his colors. So you see this quilt has to be a wowzer.

I finally found "IT" after much searching. Jody can attest to the fact that I am picky about what qualifies as "IT" to me. But I found "IT". Picture below. The problem is Dans colors. UGH........

I need help with the placement of these colors. Black,Gray,Orange,and Red. I know I want 2 of the bargello units in a red and orange but its that third that is stumping me. I need 6 shades of each color. Have I lost any of yall yet with my rambling???? Do I go with Gray or anothe shade of orange or red. That would mean I would have to find 12 different shades.

Would Gray look horrible though? Why am I braindead......Sorry I know yall cant help me with that one.

So what do you think???OPINIONS PLEASE!!!!!!!


Kare said…
Do you have Electric Quilt? If the answer is no, then I would draw it out on graph paper with colored pencils and see which colorway works best . . .
Vicki W said…
I think gray would look awesome and I think I'd use it as that tan diamond in middle. Orange and red in place of the blue and purple. I think it will look awesome!
lesthook said…
I had the same thought as Vicki. Ithink it would look great that way,keeping the black in the dark background.
taylorsoutback said…
If you are fighting the use of gray in the main piecing of the design, could you compromise and use a gray in the inner border? It would be just a touch of the color that your friend's son likes, but maybe enough to make him happy?? It looks like the pattern is showing a gradation of colors with the black as the accent. Using gray in there might be distracting? Just my 2 cents - we all see color so differently.
Diana said…
You are making a twisted Bargello for a grad quilt gift? WOW, you are making my disappearing nine patches and BQ quilts look bad....He will love it!
Summer said…
I'm so uncrafty, I wish I could help.

Now, if you want to know about fashion and accessories, I am totally your girl.


Found ya on Sits and had to come by and say haaaaaayyyyyy!

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