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Here is the final apron in my month long anniversary giveaway!

Ok at first I couldnt think of a question but Jody came to my rescue!

I want to know one of your favorite actors. One of my is Colin Firth. He is in my book Mister Hotty McHotterson! I LOVE everything he is in I Love love love his voice! He does serious and comedy so well!

Picture Time!

I got it together enough to get pictures today. Yippeeeeee!

When I told Yall about my beautiful Apron that I got from Rebecca and all the goodies she put in the box I forgot to introduce you to Fred. He tagged along in the box! I LOVE Fred. Thank you Rebecca for all my goodies and for Fred.
Yeah it could look and DOES look better when I am not wearing two turtle necks a sweatshirt and the heaviest sweats I could find. I am freezing today.It was -1 when I woke up. UGH..........Here is the pink angora shawl I finished. I purchased the yarn at a garage sale a few years back. It was yarn a dear friend had bought for a shawl but she died before she could make it. Now she was much more talented then I am at knitting but I wanted my oldest to have something of hers. So Here it is! A few years in the making but it will be loved.I also am going to start binding on this. My oldest is babysitting here tonight and I am just not feeling kid friendly so I am going to hide out and bind my turtle quilt…

My Life Is A Sitcom

I have joked around with many that we should be video taped as no one belive the clamities that happen in this family. I swear we would make a lot of money if they did!

Its been an interesting week to say the lease. Here it is in a nutshell. The week started off with an email asking if I had gotten notification that I had a box to pick up at the post office. Heheh YUP you guessed it! Me an my mail problems again. I had NOT received any notice. Big shocker. Kindly Lucy sent me the tracking number for my beautiful gorgeous apron, and I printed out all the info. I had oldest take all this into the post office and give it to the Lady in charge. I am going to call her a lady when in fact I have another name I would like to call her.

Not only was that poor box sitting there but it was in the bin to be sent back to my swap partner! I had not received any notification at all! So this box was rescued from the wicked horrible postal people. However all the info I had Oldest take in seems to have …


Ok I SERIOUSLY did not rig this. The winner is JODY! She just told me to rig it today and then laughed as she knows I cant lie or cheat for nothing. But somehow she must have jinxed to her satisfaction from afar because her little number was the first one that popped up on random number generator.

So DONT forget now. On the last day of this month will be the last drawing in my month long anniversary celebration. It will be for the fancy schmancy blingy hostess apron. I am almost done with it then I will post a pic. Its turning out cute cute cute!

Is it Sunday?

So much for apron weekend. I got ALL the carpet out of the bedroom yesterday, Even all the staples! Then started tearing the kids bathroom apart.

I didnt get to bed until 2 then was up at 9 and tearing apart again. Destruction is theraputic for sure. I am GOOD and TIRED. Sore too.

But look at all I accomplished! The because I was so productive today I rewarded myself with a glass of this.Mmmmmmmm Winter Ale.

And two whole hours in this!
I am so going to miss this bathtub. I dont know what we will have in the next house because I have decided to really try and be open minded about what we buy, but I so hope I have one of these. I will draw the name for the Lily Apron tomorrow so there is still time!


This question and post is for the Lily Apron. I am also making the last apron right now.The fancy schmancy Blingy one! That give away will be on the last day of the month. The picture doesnt do this apron justice. It is so comfortable and sooooo adorable on. So ok what shall I ask this time.Hmmmmmmmmmm. I love hearing from all of you and getting a little glimpse of your life. I wish everyone could win but there is two more tries! OK what is your favorite flower? I love all flowers but will melt like butter if hubby brings me tulips.I love everything about them and one day was to visit a tulip farm!

Alone Again

Wonderful hubby is off again. This time to ND and SD to different companies he works with. What fun. I was actually bummed I couldnt go with him but his boss decided to go so that left me out. Oh well. I am finding plenty to do in his absence. Today I was a very good girl and followed my schedule. I finished a customer quilt, a second quilt for a friend who is donating them to charity, AND loaded one of my own as I felt it was time. I still have a ton of customers to catch up on but I am definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. So what did I do in my spare time? I am SO glad you asked!Lol. I ripped up carpet. The painters are going to be starting in our bedroom soon as now they are finishing up the master bath.The carpet has to come out. Tomorrow I have to finish this and then start ripping out the kids bathroom. It gets a TOTAL remodel.I love love love demolition. I will hide in a closet so I dont have to paint but I love ripping apart things.Ü
ooooh look at how dry my han…

Just Got A Phone Call

From some friends that are on a cruise to the carribean. They just married off their youngest and have never had a honeymoon so this is it for them. The wife,one of my closest bff's decided to surprise honey with a little something in the suitcase. This little something is so unlike her she is not the wild woman type.

So they get on the cruise ship and she is called to the security office. They make her go through her suitcases and finally she finds that little something and they make her turn it over to them! Purple furry handcuffs! Can you imagine how embarassing that would be! My poor

WINNER and other stuff!

So from what I understand JODY has picked a winner on her blog! I popped over there tonight to see who it was....So if that person would like to email me their address then I can send them the apron of their choice!

Dont forget TWO more chances to win an apron.The last apron will be a fancy schmancy hostess blingy type.Ü

Well today was a verrrrrrrrry long hard day. I have very many mixed emotions going on. Astrids room is now completely finished but here is a few pictures of the before and close to after. Very sad for me as this was my project present for her for her adoption. But we will always have the pictures. The last house we left was the house skater boy was born in. That was a tuff one let me tell you.

Today I forced myself to go to work. The realtor was coming at 2 and it was just workers here with nothing but stressing out for me to do in the meantime so to work I went.It helped that a customer called for a drop off. I have discovered something about myself. Holly Homaker has a…


I am going to do this a little different. I asked One of my BFFs to draw the winning name! So pop over to Jody's blog and she will post the winning name. I think she works today though so it might be after she gets off work.

Apron Question and Stuff.........

FIRST the apron question...

To be entered to win Apron 3 of my 5 apron giveaway just leave a comment with your answer!
This one is a biggie so think hard!

What are YOU working on this weekend?

Yeah I know..... I am having a brain block. Had all sorts of interesting questions and now cant think of a one. So I this weekend am STILL playing holly homemaker and cathy catchup. Holly is busy in the house and then Cathy runs out to the studio every once in awhile. I would LOVE to sew but I doubt it will happen this week. Our first realtor is coming through on Monday.

I did have a funny this week though. I had a customer drop off a quilt and wanted something a little special on it. They wanted the quilt to remind them of their dad. hehehe.Ok not a problem what reminds you of your dad.Well they answer he was a wheat and corn farmer. uh ok well what else. Well they answer a grain silo.HAHAHAHAHAHA. Let me tell you. Corn and wheat are very hard to mimic for a quilt but a grain silo! I tried I really …

Swappy Goodness

Just a quick note to say THANK you for two of the swap packages I received this week. I love love love all my goodies! The fisrt package is an apron from Sherrie a pin cusion and yummy chocolate! I need to get a better pic of the apron to send to Aunt Pitty Pat but here is a quick one. I dont know which side I like best!Then I opened this amazing bunch of gifties from Aunt Pitty Pats slipper swap.

Awesome red red red slippers.ÜA little stuffed kitty,a kitchen scrubber(too cool),Calendar to write in (with cherries on it!),heart notepad,hot chocolate(yuuuuuuum),and MORE chocolate! I love all my goodies.Thank you so much!

Now I need to get myself to work. Myself is feeling very lazy today and I may have to get mean.Ugh.

A Smart Woman Would

Take before pictures to show you ALL the work being done around here. This woman did not however do that.

We have been soooooooooo busy though. By Friday it will be realtor ready. Today I spent all day moving everything out of my sewing room for new tile, paint, and some sheet rock repairs.... The sheet rock became a little damaged last year when wonderful hubby was outside my sewing room wall in the back yard showing the kids his mad backhoe skills. Yeah...Question though, WHY does a house become all you want it to be when you are getting ready to leave it? I am also starting to panic. How does one not sew everyday? I have never really done that. I refuse to pack my dressers of material.I am trying to be a good girl really but its so hard! Thats good for now but we are looking at living in the 5th wheel for quite a while.....Panic.

We have replaced one door,ordered another door,and I have packed and packed and packed until hubby tonight said HEY dont forget we still live here! I just k…


My emails to you keep bouncing back. Here is my email.

The Winner Of #2

Is Diana!
Diana email me your addy and which one of the aprons left is your choice and I will pop it in the mail! 3 more aprons left! NEXT drawing is FRIDAY!!!

I spent ALL day sat. and most of today in bed. Some lousy no good person gave me a whopping head cold! Rotten creep. I had a sore throat and stuffed up nose like you wouldnt belive. I actually didnt belive I was going to live past last night. I kept telling hubby that if I were a horse he would shoot me and put me out of my misery.

I at least feel like living today. That isnt saying much. belive me.

The garage sale went really good. But because I was sick on Sat I didnt open. Now Hubby insists we have it one more weekend. I actaully got rid of a lot. But there is SO much more that needs to go. He has been busy now that he can move in the house, replacing doors, sheet rock, and getting ready to repair floors. Of course My Glen is here to help. I asked My Glen yesterday if he would help us with the driving out and he told me of cours…


To leave a comment below to win the second apron! I will draw tonight.

Ready Or Not

Its time to open the garage sale. Belive it or not we actually have everything priced. Well the stuff that we could fit into the garage that is. I still have a house full that wont fit yet.I have to sell a lot today so that I can move more into the sale for next time.

JAN hehe do you know what I do with clothes? I throw them in a big box and put bags by the box.I sell a bag for a dollar! I hate messing with clothes.
Ok are you ready for the next question? What is one thing that you do or say that your friends/family find hilarious?
I have lived in many many places. Because of that I have picked up many accents. The strongest being southern. Throw me with two of my BFFs who happen to BE southern and I sound like a native. Add into that my Warshington accent with words like Warsh, Crick (creek) Ruff (roof), Ustacould,and Garsh, and I can send my family into fits of laughter that is unbelievable. They LOVE to make fun of the way I talk. I get them back though so dont…

I am SO not ready

For a Garage Sale this Friday. It has to happen though as my wonderful sweet children have told everyone within and 300 mile radius and I am already getting phone calls! So guess who doen not get to sleep tonight. You got it, those wonderful sweet childrens little butts are going to be making signs and helping me price things. It actually is a good thing as we have repair people scheduled to start coming on Monday and I have so much crap sitting around you cant move! So atleast I will get rid of some of it. Hopefully. My fav cuz just sent me this updated picture of my little man. he was getting ready for his bath and was very happy about it.... He is so perfect. I just love this little guy. I think he needs another box of goodies from me.
DIANE, tomorrow I will post another question and you can reenter my apron give away. I am still pondering on the question. I loved all the answers from the last one. So sweet. Ok I need to get a move on.I have a garage waiting to be cleaned.

Pretty Pretty Things

First off I want to say a HUGE Thank you to my Secret Stitcher from MQR. Karen A you blew me away with this box! I am feeling like the biggest spoiled brat! MQR site isnt loading for me so I havent been able to get on there and say thank you. I absolutely LOVE everything. The apron fits perfectly and the nosegay is so adorable! The kits are perfect size for an instant gratification project and the apron pattern is totally on my list to make! Did I mention that I love the apron? THANK THANK THANK YOU!!!!!!! Now CHECK out these shoes! I was a bad girl today. I wnet shopping with a very very dear friend who was only here for a couple days. Knowing I would have to say goodbye is depressing. So I bought myself shoes.hmmmmmmmmmmm. The fact that wonderful hubby was laughing at the two large boxes packed full of shoes at the top of the closet last night is a moot point. A girl needs her shoes.Ü
These have zippers!

First Apron Give Away!

I went to random number generator and the winner is #6! Kalli!

So for this first give away choose which apron you want and email me your addy!

Dont forget 4 more aprons to give away this month!