Here is the final apron in my month long anniversary giveaway!

Ok at first I couldnt think of a question but Jody came to my rescue!

I want to know one of your favorite actors. One of my is Colin Firth. He is in my book Mister Hotty McHotterson! I LOVE everything he is in I Love love love his voice! He does serious and comedy so well!


Jody said…
I want Colin Firth!!!
valerie2350 said…
jim carrey - always makes me laugh :)
Carolyn G said…
If I had to chose one it would be Paul Newman. But honorable mentions go to Jimmy Stewart, Clint Eastwood, Johnny Depp, George Clooney and about 1000 others that I won't name!

Thanks for the giveaway.
My favorite actor is James Dean as he is related to Me :) On my Dean side of the family :) So I am told :) Besides he's one bad boy!!!! That every girl loves :)
Anonymous said…
Sean Connery, Nicholas Cage, Matthew McConaughey and......

Too many to name!
Anonymous said…
robert downey jr, harry connick jr......hmmm i must have a thing for jrs! and i just LOVE the husband (jake weber) on the tv show medium. such a bedroom voice. yum.
Tulsi said…
I like John Travolta. My husband is Highway Patrol and did security and road control when they shot Broken Arrow. Did I get an autograph? NO!! Did he play frisbee and eat with JT? YES!! Something is very wrong here.

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