Ready Or Not

Its time to open the garage sale. Belive it or not we actually have everything priced. Well the stuff that we could fit into the garage that is. I still have a house full that wont fit yet.I have to sell a lot today so that I can move more into the sale for next time.

JAN hehe do you know what I do with clothes? I throw them in a big box and put bags by the box.I sell a bag for a dollar! I hate messing with clothes.
Ok are you ready for the next question? What is one thing that you do or say that your friends/family find hilarious?
I have lived in many many places. Because of that I have picked up many accents. The strongest being southern. Throw me with two of my BFFs who happen to BE southern and I sound like a native. Add into that my Warshington accent with words like Warsh, Crick (creek) Ruff (roof), Ustacould,and Garsh, and I can send my family into fits of laughter that is unbelievable. They LOVE to make fun of the way I talk. I get them back though so dont feel sorry for me.Ü


Jan said…
LOL I need to come to your garage sale!!! ;-) The princess just out grew her clothes..... ugh ;-) I hope you sell out of every thing immeadiately!!!

The thing my family thinks is funny... well... I do the accent morph too... and some days I'll just run through the different words for the same thing... like soda/pop/coke/whatever just give it to me I'm thirsty.... but when the complaints about my services such as cooking or cleaning roll in, I offer to let them fire me and send me to some place tropical with drinks with umbrellas... they never do it.... they just laugh at me....
Freda said…
I sure hope you had a great sale Becca. I nearly always have a table set to the side and some small stuff marked free. I just put a few things out at a time and only one per person. That keeps them from getting greedy. The saying my family laughs at me for is "dead as a doornail," They always want to know just what is a doornail and how do you kill it? Wiseacres!!!! My MIL called a brown paper bag a "poke." I never could figure that out.
Carlotta said…
Well, just this past week, my Mom thought it funny when I would call her and start off the conversation with, "did I do this when I was her age?" Speaking about my daughter. My mom gets a kick out of the fact that my 9yo drives me banana's some times. As if I did the same thing to her at that age. LOL
Jody said…
How did the sale go? And my family die laughing when I try to dance--they have told me I must NOT dance in public!! But I'm the only one who thinks my wit is amusing!
Hope the sale went well Becca! You must be wiped. When I moved to MA it took me awhile to understand the dropped 'r' thing. And then with words ending in 'a' you add an 'r'. The first job I took in MA, my boss' name was Linda, but when she said it, it was 'Linder'. I called her 'Linder' for quite awhile... until I saw it printed. ugh. I didn't live that down for awhile.
YayaOrchid said…
Thank you for this giveaway opportunity.

I would have to say my family thinks it's funny when I do my 'British' accent. I also do an "Irish" accent to make them laugh.
Diana said…
Well, I break out in song in the middle of talking sometimes. My mom did that and I always thought it was soooo stupid, so why do I do it? Things like (Brenda Lees) "I'm sorry!" HAHA
Anonymous said…
i hope the sale went well!

my girls were both very chatty. one day i'd reached my max and i told them if they couldn't be quiet for 2 minutes, i was going to rip their lips off. i said it lovingly tho! and no, they weren't quiet for 2 minutes.
Carolyn G said…
I love watching Gordon Ramsey, the chef. And he always says, things are going "pear shaped." This means all hell is breaking loose. So I started saying it too and people were like what the heck? are you saying. I love that saying but people think it's funny.

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