Is it Sunday?

So much for apron weekend. I got ALL the carpet out of the bedroom yesterday, Even all the staples! Then started tearing the kids bathroom apart.

I didnt get to bed until 2 then was up at 9 and tearing apart again. Destruction is theraputic for sure. I am GOOD and TIRED. Sore too.

But look at all I accomplished! The because I was so productive today I rewarded myself with a glass of this.Mmmmmmmm Winter Ale.

And two whole hours in this!
I am so going to miss this bathtub. I dont know what we will have in the next house because I have decided to really try and be open minded about what we buy, but I so hope I have one of these.
I will draw the name for the Lily Apron tomorrow so there is still time!


Vicki W said…
It's amazing how much we do on our homes to sell them! After all that work you might not want to leave!
Jan said…
Oh you most definitely earned a drink and a soak!!! Good demolition job!! It is therapeutic!!! :-D
Yarni Gras! said…
what great progress...word to the wise, sit in the tub in the new house you are looking to buy. Tubs are my FAVORITE and the one in this house is so big I either float or slip under the water!

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