Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Ok I SERIOUSLY did not rig this. The winner is JODY! She just told me to rig it today and then laughed as she knows I cant lie or cheat for nothing. But somehow she must have jinxed to her satisfaction from afar because her little number was the first one that popped up on random number generator.

So DONT forget now. On the last day of this month will be the last drawing in my month long anniversary celebration. It will be for the fancy schmancy blingy hostess apron. I am almost done with it then I will post a pic. Its turning out cute cute cute!


Jody said...

I don't believe it!! I'm gonna have to call the dude from Publishers Clearing House and see if it works!! I am totally dumfounded!! Yahooo! Thanks Becca!

Bethel of Bethania said...

Congratulations Jody ... I'm feeling rather green at the mo ... but I 'will' get over it ... ha ha
You have won yourself a lovely apron ... Thanks Rebecca ... OOroo ... Bethel

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