Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Life Is A Sitcom

I have joked around with many that we should be video taped as no one belive the clamities that happen in this family. I swear we would make a lot of money if they did!

Its been an interesting week to say the lease. Here it is in a nutshell. The week started off with an email asking if I had gotten notification that I had a box to pick up at the post office. Heheh YUP you guessed it! Me an my mail problems again. I had NOT received any notice. Big shocker. Kindly Lucy sent me the tracking number for my beautiful gorgeous apron, and I printed out all the info. I had oldest take all this into the post office and give it to the Lady in charge. I am going to call her a lady when in fact I have another name I would like to call her.

Not only was that poor box sitting there but it was in the bin to be sent back to my swap partner! I had not received any notification at all! So this box was rescued from the wicked horrible postal people. However all the info I had Oldest take in seems to have dissapeared! Wow, didnt see that coming.

I did receive a gorgeous apron that I will take pictures of tomorrow and get put on here.The sweetie that made it for me Rebecca( How awesome is that name!) also included some wonderful red Mary Kay lipstick, lindsor chocolates, and sweetheart candy. The candy has um not made it to actually get a picture of. But the lipstick looks great with my jammies!

Funny thing was though after I got the box home I went to go take a picture of it all and also the vintage linens below. The camera died right after this picture. So I went to get the battery charger. Yeah... Much later in the day when I actually found the charger it was too dark to take pictures. So I plugged the whole mess in and decided to wait. Well in the meaantime Wonderful hubby dropped in for a visit. He has been gone since last Wed and had to take off again this morning. It was nice to see him for a few hours. When I went to go put the battery all back together to get my pictures I couldnt find where I had plugged the charger in.......With all the furniture moving in this house and with the size of my house it was not an easy search.Sigh. I really really do at some point want to have NORMAL problems.

Today I also got a real honest to goodness slip in the mail for a box! I ordered Hibiscus flowers in a heavy syrup to put in the bottom of champagne glasses. A gift for a friend.. I should know better. A little note on the bottom of the slip reads, "please pick up at the loading dock as package is leaking a red fluid". Hmmmmm I wonder how many times that package was dropped or hit the side of the wall at the post office?

On the bright side here are the vintage linens I bought for Shawnee's new apron swap.Arent they just awesome? I also have a finish on the UFO challenge. It isnt a quilt but it is a UFO I have had sitting around for over ten years. Pictures of that tomorrow also.


Jan said...

Sending you a hug and a prayer for a quick home sale!! In the mean is the UPS & FedEx in your area?! :-D

Jody said...

I keep telling ya, send your packages to me!! I will carefully paw through them and give you what I don't want!!!!

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