Tuesday, February 17, 2009

WINNER and other stuff!

So from what I understand JODY has picked a winner on her blog! I popped over there tonight to see who it was....So if that person would like to email me their address then I can send them the apron of their choice!

Dont forget TWO more chances to win an apron.The last apron will be a fancy schmancy hostess blingy type.Ü

Well today was a verrrrrrrrry long hard day. I have very many mixed emotions going on. Astrids room is now completely finished but here is a few pictures of the before and close to after. Very sad for me as this was my project present for her for her adoption. But we will always have the pictures. The last house we left was the house skater boy was born in. That was a tuff one let me tell you.

Today I forced myself to go to work. The realtor was coming at 2 and it was just workers here with nothing but stressing out for me to do in the meantime so to work I went.It helped that a customer called for a drop off. I have discovered something about myself. Holly Homaker has an attitude, Cathy catchup likes to hide when the going gets tough, and now we have Bertha behind rearing her ugly well.....behind! I am determined however to kick Cathy's butt so we can get back to being holly homaker and my family will like me again. I am not so nice as those other two.Gotta figure out how to get rid of her attitude tho!
The realtor we went with I think was a very very wise choice. She was so very excited about the house and is biting at the chomps to show it. We are however not going to MLS list it until we have a little bit more done. We have set it up though so that she can show the house now. She is supposed to email me tomorrow with what she feels it will sell for. I am praying it is not below what we are hoping and that she doesnt list higher then what it will take for a quick sell.We will see.Either way I get to live in a construction zone for a while longer.Yay me.
Its odd to see those little things get done that you have been begging Wonderful hubby to do for years. EXAMPLE. I have a jacuzzi bathtub. The day after we moved in the brand new hand sprayer fell apart. I bugged hubby and he kept coming up with all sorts of excuses as to why he couldnt fix it. So I went down and bought a seprate sprayer....Oh that cant work he says because its not the right type. Somthing to do with the other sprayer being made for a bath tub....Ding dong me buys this little story. Flash forward 15 years to yesterday. Wonderful hubby comes hauling in a handheld shower sprayer. hmmmmm.Where ya going with that? Yeah right where I thought too. By the time I got done ranting and raving (Holly with an attitude) and calmed down he decided to claim memory loss and that he just didnt remember that.It must have been some other husband......Im sitting there looking at him thinking what ELSE can this man of wonders fix when I have been told by him he cant when oldest walks in and says WOW way cool sprayer.Havent you been waiting for one of those for like 15 years? Waaaaaaaaaaaa.Ooooooooh I was mad ALL over again!


Jan said...

Sending you a hug!!! Even when it's necessary and good, it doesn't mean change is easy peasy. My answer to it can't be fixed is to buy my own tools, how to books and my private list of handy people to call. Then smile sweetly and say "I know you've been too busy to get to this so I took care of it" :-D Hope you get caught up!!! And thank you!! :-D

DearGina said...

4TH ATTEMPT TO TRY TO WIN A FANCY SCHMANCY!!! GRRRRRR'Hope your day is going better?

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