Alone Again

Wonderful hubby is off again. This time to ND and SD to different companies he works with. What fun. I was actually bummed I couldnt go with him but his boss decided to go so that left me out. Oh well. I am finding plenty to do in his absence.
Today I was a very good girl and followed my schedule. I finished a customer quilt, a second quilt for a friend who is donating them to charity, AND loaded one of my own as I felt it was time. I still have a ton of customers to catch up on but I am definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
So what did I do in my spare time? I am SO glad you asked!Lol. I ripped up carpet. The painters are going to be starting in our bedroom soon as now they are finishing up the master bath.The carpet has to come out. Tomorrow I have to finish this and then start ripping out the kids bathroom. It gets a TOTAL remodel.I love love love demolition. I will hide in a closet so I dont have to paint but I love ripping apart things.Ü

ooooh look at how dry my hands are!Yikes.


Jan said…
Ouch!! Extra bandages, coffee & adult beverages are in order! I've been permanently fired from painting... and I like it that way LOL

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