A Smart Woman Would

Take before pictures to show you ALL the work being done around here. This woman did not however do that.

We have been soooooooooo busy though. By Friday it will be realtor ready. Today I spent all day moving everything out of my sewing room for new tile, paint, and some sheet rock repairs.... The sheet rock became a little damaged last year when wonderful hubby was outside my sewing room wall in the back yard showing the kids his mad backhoe skills. Yeah...Question though, WHY does a house become all you want it to be when you are getting ready to leave it? I am also starting to panic. How does one not sew everyday? I have never really done that. I refuse to pack my dressers of material.I am trying to be a good girl really but its so hard! Thats good for now but we are looking at living in the 5th wheel for quite a while.....Panic.

We have replaced one door,ordered another door,and I have packed and packed and packed until hubby tonight said HEY dont forget we still live here! I just know that the least amount out means the least amount to clean.Tomorrow I may sneak a couple pictures. I really have to sneak though because My Glenn thinks the camera will steal his soul or some such nonsense.Lol.

Ok I am going to bed. From what I gleaned from his conversation with wonderful hubby tonight he is showing back up here tomorrow at some UNGODLY hour.Yeah, I hope the poor man doesnt scare easily. I am not a pretty picture in the morning and I am not nice either.Ü


Jan said…
LOL I understand the not nice in the morning completely!!! :-D

As someone with a house on the market who also isn't giving up sewing.... Pretty baskets. You know the kind.... wicker with fabric lining.... or whatever floats your boat.... but you can store your strips, squares and other works in projects in those keeping them organized and it doesn't look bad sitting out. For the fifth wheeler... rubbermaid containers and a featherweight. Buy a folding outside picnic table if it is warmer when you head out so you can peice outside with a clean table. Or just kick everyone else out of the fifth wheeler LOL. You want to park it in my drive for a while and live here?! :-D Then you can just step into my studio LOL
Courtney said…
Hi! I just found your blog and noticed your UFO ticker!

I just started a new meme called Finish It Fridays. It is all about finishing up something you wanted to get done but didn't during the week!

Come join me this friday and share one (or more!) of your UFO's!

We would love to see them and to have you!
Carlotta said…
My, you have a lot going on. And I definitely know about that not so pleasant morning person.

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