Thursday, February 5, 2009

I am SO not ready

For a Garage Sale this Friday. It has to happen though as my wonderful sweet children have told everyone within and 300 mile radius and I am already getting phone calls! So guess who doen not get to sleep tonight. You got it, those wonderful sweet childrens little butts are going to be making signs and helping me price things. It actually is a good thing as we have repair people scheduled to start coming on Monday and I have so much crap sitting around you cant move! So atleast I will get rid of some of it. Hopefully.
My fav cuz just sent me this updated picture of my little man. he was getting ready for his bath and was very happy about it.... He is so perfect. I just love this little guy. I think he needs another box of goodies from me.

DIANE, tomorrow I will post another question and you can reenter my apron give away. I am still pondering on the question. I loved all the answers from the last one. So sweet. Ok I need to get a move on.I have a garage waiting to be cleaned.

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Jan said...

ROTFLOL Good luck!! :-D I am such a lazy garage sale host that I just make all the clothes the same price and make one big sign. And anything else I can think of that is close enough for one price. I am so dang lazy on those things. Good luck!!!

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