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Yay! Pictures!

About time isnt it.Lol My golden find at the Goodwill. 12$ total. Paint and a little recover on the seat and it will make the perfect bill desk.It is solid and very heavy. If I dont choose to use it I have 2 girls begging for it. Ah, I love used furniture!
Little A doing what she loves to do.Ü. She needs to get lots of practice as next year I want a full garden.

At the Zoo in Minot. I want one of these for my front yard.......What do you think?

He was seriously THIS close! I love this zoo.I got us a yearly membership and I think we are going to go back this week.

Little A .

What a day! No pictures as camera charge is MIA!Little A planted a tomato plant, a bell pepper plant,a jalepeno plant, and a pretty flower. The veges are quite mature with flowers and even a couple little veges!We went to the laundry mat and did about 15 loads of laundry. I have been busy hanginy it all on the line. I am exhausted and very sweaty but the nice fresh feel is SO worth it.In the middle of this an older couple drove up. Turns out they were the ones that planted ALL of the trees and plants! What agift to me today! They were here over an hour and we exchanged numbers. I am still on a high from all the questions they answered
Who ever thought setting up utilities would be a blast!- have the giggle and I think all these people think I am nuts! HahahahahahOur neighbors here at the r.v. Park are going to miss our clothesline and all our red kneck ways. They just don't know it yet!hahahahahahahahahOk more phone calls ans another load! WHOOPIE!!!!!!!!!!

A Walk Through My Yard

Here is just a little walk through my new yard. I think its hilarious that I now have a million plants and trees to identify.Lol. If any of yall have any clue what these are i would love a hint.

This is on the side by the fire pit. I do know there are a TON of lilac bushes! That makes me really really smile!

Is this view incredible or what? Every single day we have went to the house we see deer. I cant wait to drink coffee and look out my front window.I wish we owned ALL of this but my little chunk is good enough.

This windmill is identical to the one my grands had so I fell in love with that right away. I have decreed that Wonderful Hubby can never tear it down in fits of backhoe work.He is determined to do some leveling. I am happy with it just the way it is.

More um green stuff. Boy jan I wish you were here.

Probably a weed but its in a garden area and pretty.

Ok here I am writing this and wonderful hubby just called.GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! The owners just gave us the go ahead to move in…
Argh!We went up to the new house today and I had all these pictures to upload. We spent a lot of time looking at the yard (since we are still locked out).- had all these pics to show off and NO internet. So here I amsending this from my blackberry.We have seen deer everyday. Does anyone remember that movie funny farm with chevy chase? I kept thinking in my brain OK you can put the deer up we bought the place!
JAN you are awesome!!!!!!!!!I just got the most woderful package of dark roast coffee from Jan! It tastes Sooooooooooo good! I cannot tell you how happy I was to throw out the folgers! I did a little dance sang a little song and threw in a YAHOOOO!


Watch Ice Road Truckers last night?That tank those guys kept dropping was my Wonderful Hubbys! I thought it was hilarious, he didnt thik it was so much.Lol. Tank was undamaged tho. But cool to see it on TV.....

The BEST week ever

It was wonderful. Old friends good times lots of laughter. The kids had a blast swimming in the swim park and the adults had a better time just enjoying great company.We also got some wonderful news on the house. The inspection came in and is very good and the appraisal is set for this next week. Our realtor told us friday that after the appraisal comes back he will put up the sold sticker and he is pretty sure the owner will let us move in! There is a good possiblity that we could be in the house within the next two weeks.Worst case is that the owner does not go for it then we will atleast be able to unload some of our belongings into the garage. That alone would make me excited as we are very cramped in here.I could also set my sewing machine up in there and really have fun!We are loving it here the weather has been awesome.We even love the wind. It takes the sting out of hot weather that we are not used too!Hopefully soon this blog will have some fiber content or atleast some funne…
I have decided I would like to live in Hobby Lobby!


Sorry that needed all caps! This is one of my best buddies, my martini buddy Melinda. Her family is on there way to Tennessee from Alaska. We said our goodbyes in Kenai but yesterday I found out that I get to see her for a WHOLE day! Her awesome hubby is bringing her through here noon on Thursday and said they would just stay the night! Yippie!Then on Friday just as I will be sad to say goodbye another friend from california, one of my oldest friends will be dropping by to see me too! They have been on family vacation and her awesome hubby decided this was the best place to crash for the night! My Wonderful hubby decided that we all needed a treat for the night so he booked us all hotel rooms. The hotel has an indoor water park. I am just so happy to see these two I dont care where we stay!Ah today will be a good day. I found out all this awesome news. I was nervous about today. I have to drive for the first time by myself in this city. Yes that is freaking me out. But now I am ready …

A Few Traveling Pics

VERY Random so forgive me for that.I need photography counceling.Ü

First off if you are planning on traveling the Alaskan Highway at anytime ever you NEED this! I have traveled the alcan about 6 times and only once did I not have it! It is a lifesaver in more ways then one and I would never travel without it again.
It tells you where everything and I do mean everything is. One other little peice of advice is that you need to always be prepared with a filled extra gas can, plenty of food/drink and a sleeping bag. Quite a few of the places along the highway have closed down (very odd) and the ones that are open close early at night.You can be almost guaranteed that you will need one or the other. We needed ALL of the above. Yes we even did run out of gas once because we counted on a gas station to be open that wasnt.

This was our carravan. Missing oldests little white car that was parked on the other side of the trailer. This campground was about an hour out of Calgary and was AMAZING! If…

Time For Bed

We still havent adjusted to the time change.Its almost one oclock here and we are all wide awake. I wonder how long it will take.We made an offer on a house today and it was excepted.Here is the link. has a LOT of wall paper and quite a bit of updating to do but we can do it. The price is amazing for 3 acres. The biggest pull is that it is out of town and the big shop. The rest we can pull up to par later. I reall am not sad about the house. We have a couple walls to rip out right away but that is ok.It is so hot outside.Even now at 1 a.m. This 30 foot trailer is packed out with people and dogs (oh yeah +cat) so even the air conditioning isnt enough.That means a lot of spending time outside. Tomorrow is my day to find my new quilt shop!
I am sitting in a laundromat and am bored stiff!Its about 75 degrees out and very very humid. I LOVE it. Oldest is having a panic moment tho as they put Ward county on tornado watch. For some reason it is not panicing me. Maybe it should but right next door there are about 100 old people square dancing. I figure if they aren't panicing then I am not going to. Lol.Tomorrow we meet with our realtor to go over perspective homes. I am so excited to do that altho I really like the one we looked at yesterday. You never know tho what else might be out there.Wonderful hubby took off with the camera but as soon as he gets back I will post some pics!
On the lookout for a new r.v. Park today. Last night we were to far out of town so cell service was bad and no internet. We are also looking at 2 houses today.
We are about an hour away from Minot!!!!!!!!!!
Another quick check in.I have been out of cell service since the last time I checked in .Jers truck blew a head gasket in Craik. So he parked us at a park and took off.brand new truck too. He thinks he punctered something on the Alcan. Thank heavens Glen caught up with us.He rented a uhaul and just picked us back up. So we will get to Minot later this evening.For now we are still in Canada.We signed papers on the house and it is sceduled to close on the 24th of august. So hopefully it will mean we can be in our house ( whichever one that may be) by the first week in Sept.I will check in again after the border. Its killing me not to have my email!
Just a quick check in. I am not supposed to be using my phone in canada. Outrageous prices.We just left dawson creek. We got slowed down by a bad bad accident.medi vac copters and the whole works. Not sure where we will end up tonight yet.News on the house is great so far. We are now in negotiations with TWO couples! They have until 5 today to put in their best offer. Can't wait to hear back from Carrie.The trip so far is good. Have seen 5 black bear,1 brown bear, mountain sheep,deer,a red fox,and a ton of bison. We have only had one accident involving jer not shutting the fridge and ALL the animals are great.didn't even drug them today.Hoping for a full hookup with wifi tonight so we can get on the net. Miss talking to all of you! Haven't even checked my emails since tuesday! So you all had better of not done anything exciting in my absence! Lol