What a day! No pictures as camera charge is MIA!

Little A planted a tomato plant, a bell pepper plant,a jalepeno plant, and a pretty flower. The veges are quite mature with flowers and even a couple little veges!

We went to the laundry mat and did about 15 loads of laundry. I have been busy hanginy it all on the line. I am exhausted and very sweaty but the nice fresh feel is SO worth it.

In the middle of this an older couple drove up. Turns out they were the ones that planted ALL of the trees and plants! What agift to me today! They were here over an hour and we exchanged numbers. I am still on a high from all the questions they answered


Jan said…
Oh Becca!!! What an awesome gift!! And a new friend to boot!! Go little A!!! You all are just making me all warm and fuzzy. I'm ferclempt!
Freda said…
That's great Becca. The lady we bought our house from gave me a list of all the plants she planted and showed me where they all were. Were is the operative word here cause most of them are gone. I do not have a green thumb. A few years ago she came by and wanted to know what happened to all her flowers. They were GONE. Glad you are enjoying your new home.
BygracegoI said…
I am so excited for you on this new adventure! It's awesome!

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