The BEST week ever

It was wonderful. Old friends good times lots of laughter. The kids had a blast swimming in the swim park and the adults had a better time just enjoying great company.
We also got some wonderful news on the house. The inspection came in and is very good and the appraisal is set for this next week. Our realtor told us friday that after the appraisal comes back he will put up the sold sticker and he is pretty sure the owner will let us move in! There is a good possiblity that we could be in the house within the next two weeks.
Worst case is that the owner does not go for it then we will atleast be able to unload some of our belongings into the garage. That alone would make me excited as we are very cramped in here.
I could also set my sewing machine up in there and really have fun!
We are loving it here the weather has been awesome.We even love the wind. It takes the sting out of hot weather that we are not used too!
Hopefully soon this blog will have some fiber content or atleast some funner posts! Photobucket


Freda said…
Good to hear you had a great week and I hope you get to move in soon.
Yarni Gras! said…
Good luck with the house!
Jody said…
How exciting--and wait til it's the middle of winter with that wind!! I miss you!!

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