Watch Ice Road Truckers last night?
That tank those guys kept dropping was my Wonderful Hubbys! I thought it was hilarious, he didnt thik it was so much.Lol. Tank was undamaged tho. But cool to see it on TV.....Photobucket


Freda said…
Yes I watched Ice Road Truckers cause I couldn't work because of degenerative joint disease in my knee and I had it propped up on pillows and an ice pack on it. I had gotten a pain shot earlier in the day so it is feeling somewhat better. I'm not usually home on Sunday nights to watch IRT. Why do we like shows like that? Does your DH make those tanks? If so looks like he builds them well. I especially liked the wideload banner that was on Jack Jesse's tank. lol Hope you have a great day.
He didnt build it but he did approve the plan.Lol. His company buys them from the builder and then ships them to Prudhoe Bay for the Point Thompson Project.

I hope your knee is feeling better!
Rocksee said…

I totally watched it!

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