Just a quick check in. I am not supposed to be using my phone in canada. Outrageous prices.

We just left dawson creek. We got slowed down by a bad bad accident.medi vac copters and the whole works. Not sure where we will end up tonight yet.

News on the house is great so far. We are now in negotiations with TWO couples! They have until 5 today to put in their best offer. Can't wait to hear back from Carrie.

The trip so far is good. Have seen 5 black bear,1 brown bear, mountain sheep,deer,a red fox,and a ton of bison. We have only had one accident involving jer not shutting the fridge and ALL the animals are great.didn't even drug them today.

Hoping for a full hookup with wifi tonight so we can get on the net. Miss talking to all of you! Haven't even checked my emails since tuesday! So you all had better of not done anything exciting in my absence! Lol


Vicki W said…
Glad everything is going so well!
Rocksee said…
I can't wait to be doing this in the other direction. Praying for you sweetie!
vivian said…
Great news on your house! Sounds like you guys are having a great adventure!
Jan said…
Exciting in your absence... of course not dahling ;-)

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