Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yay! Pictures!

About time isnt it.Lol My golden find at the Goodwill. 12$ total. Paint and a little recover on the seat and it will make the perfect bill desk.It is solid and very heavy. If I dont choose to use it I have 2 girls begging for it. Ah, I love used furniture!
Little A doing what she loves to do.Ü. She needs to get lots of practice as next year I want a full garden.

At the Zoo in Minot. I want one of these for my front yard.......What do you think?

He was seriously THIS close! I love this zoo.I got us a yearly membership and I think we are going to go back this week.

Little A .



Jan said...

Oh look at you all settling in nicely!! LOVE it!!

myolivebranch said...

hey! we "zoo'd" it today! i'm obviously not as talented as you tho, as i was unable to get pix. i did have the camera with me. just couldn't manage it!

frankly frankie said...

it wouldn't bother me if you posted pictures every single day :)

Betty aka Fudgie said...

Things happen! Please do not make me another apron! You spent time choosing my apron, it was made very well and life just goes on! I will wear the apron you chose! It is full and that's more important to me!
I hope your new adventure proves fruitfull and hope to see you in the apron scene again!
Again...Thank-you for the apron!

Yarni Gras! said...

I love that desk! What a steal!
Your zoo photos are fab and YES, I want that horse in my yard!

Jody said...

Trust you to find a turtle!!

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