I am sitting in a laundromat and am bored stiff!

Its about 75 degrees out and very very humid. I LOVE it. Oldest is having a panic moment tho as they put Ward county on tornado watch. For some reason it is not panicing me. Maybe it should but right next door there are about 100 old people square dancing. I figure if they aren't panicing then I am not going to. Lol.

Tomorrow we meet with our realtor to go over perspective homes. I am so excited to do that altho I really like the one we looked at yesterday. You never know tho what else might be out there.

Wonderful hubby took off with the camera but as soon as he gets back I will post some pics!


Freda said…
Good to hear from you Becca. Hope you find the perfect house soon.
Rocksee said…
Ahh.. tornadosmado.. :)
Jan said…
Hand held weather radio... available in walmart in the sporting goods dept last I saw... or motorala walkie talkies with the weather radio built in. Worth their weight in gold. Turn it on and find out just where in the county they are..... no need to do the shelter dive if you don't have to!!
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear that you are in ND! We had a tornado 1 mile W of town ( we live 1.5 miles East.) I was in the basement! I was hoping your family was safe with all the cruddy weather going on up there!

Hope you find a great house!

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