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Packing a 5th wheel is no small job. I have been at this all morning and dont seem to be making any progress. It definitely is adding to my resolve that we NOT ever ever rent it out again. Every time we do I have to unpack then go all through this again. Sigh. I know my argument will fall onto deaf ears. Hubby just cant help himself.☺.Its not like I would have him any other way though.

I have to say thank you to Jan for posting the sharpie project. It was so much fun and a project that occupied us almost a whole day! Ok Back to work....

The Turtle Is On The Move!

I finished the baby girl quilt last night. I am so happy it is done. Back before I knew my favorite cuz was having a boy I traded work with a customer to make me matching diaper bags for the baby girl and baby boy quilts.That way I had my bases covered.The other side of the diaper bag has a strap for the stroller and has more yellow on it. I LOVE this bag!Anyways now I need a little girl! So into storage this set goes for someone special. The little boy set is just as adorable. I got that quilted just need to bind it. I want to play today and not work. But because yesterday was turned into errand day I have to work. That really bites. I only got to play for about an hour yesterday. I started on my apron for the Sassy Apron swap. Now I want to finish it as it is turning out so cute!Thats all I can say though as it is a secret.shhhhh. Maybe I will get done with work early today so I can play. I was all excited to have this weekend totally to myself as hubby has to go out of town for 3 day…


That would be my name. For some reason this week I am having a hard time focusing on just one thing. I seem to be bouncing all over the place. I had the hardest time working on Monday as my brain was just not in it. Thank heavens it was just pantos and not custom. I should be working today but am gonna work tomorrow instead. My kids told me last night as they were feeding the dogs that they had just used the last of the dog food. They couldnt tell me last sat when I was grocery shopping that we were getting low. No they had to tell me the night before a work day. So into to town I go today instead.

That also means I might as well get a few of those errands done that I have been putting off. Yay.....

Fair results are in! Both my girls took a first with their pictures! Here is Astrid standing by hers and Jerikahs picture is the skateboarding collage. They did a great job.

Party at Suzannes!

Dont miss out go check out Suzannes blog! WoooHoooo! I love a good party!


I am watching Olympic coverage on NBC and just am amazed at the amount of calories Michael Phelps takes in! Just incredible. The bad thing is all of a sudden I get the worst craving for a pickle.Of course we are completely out of them.How frustrating is that! So I threw some vinegar on some canned beets and am trying to trick myself........Its not working.I still want a pickle.

Have any of you found yourself watching sports on the Olympics you would never normally watch? Did you watch that guy from Togo win yesterday the very first medal for Togo ever? His face made me want to cry. Did you watch the poor weight lifter who's arm was completely torn out of it's socket? Dont if you havent seen it I am still sick...How about that poor water polo lady as she get hit in the face and her nose is broken? Wow. Tough lady is all I can say. I seem to have become obsessed no matter what the sport. My kids made me finally turn it yesterday during the mens water polo. I think it is just seei…

Oh Yay Tuesday Again

Yesterday Ron Paul was here the whole day giving Gracie her check up.That man is so thorough! My Gracie is soooooo happy now and has a lot of new parts and pieces. Including a new thread guide,open toe foot and, bobbin set up for lighter thread! Those are the big things I wont mention all the small things he replaced it would bore you. While he was doing it all though he explains and makes sure you understand. I LOVE that! He also brought me new thread (yuuuuuuum) and new needles (Yay).
So after a wonderful day with Gracie and Ron we had to send him on his way so that he could visit others. Its hard for me to share but I know others need him just as much as we did. He wont be back until next year, that is sad for us in Alaska.
Well on to other news. I have a finish! ALL the burp rags are done! This is only a few of them as hubby keeps nabbing one or two as he walks through.That man is either selling them or is hiding a baby! He sure knows a lot of people having babies. I also finished q…

I NEED to see that turtle move!

Ok I think I have my brain back on track. I sat down today just to take a quick look at everything then go to work. THEN I checked on Vicki! Oy vey.Dont go there until you have a load of free time. I was only able to leave after I promised myself I would take a long lunch break.

I have one on the frame for me then I have atleast two gargantuan customer quilts to do. This lady always makes bigger then king. She calls me the other day and says "sweetie I have another little top for you!" I say "Little?" and she laughs. She then tells me if her husband hadnt decided all his sons would be big strappin men she would of had little dainty girls then I would be quilting pretty little femine quilt tops.Wow so thats how that works! I always wondered.

Ok I am off to work! Hopefully at the end of today I will have that turtle gearing up to move! My goal is for him to be 2 projects over by Sunday.

Things that rock!

1. Hand dyed fabric from an AWESOME ss! Thank you Vicki! Its so unbelievably beautiful.The picture doesnt do it justice.

2.Turning green coffee beans into this.yuuuuuuuuum

3. Supply orders from Kingsmen. The picture is horrible but there is a new panto and thread guide for Gracie.

4. Knowing Ron Paul is on his way to give Gracie a check up and bring me more thread! He is bringing me and open toe foot!

5. Season 1 of Bones! It's wonderful to watch while quilting.

6.A gift Certificate for a one hour massage. Thank you Dustin ( a great little buddy of mine). I have an appointment for Saturday.]

7. Happy customers. aaaaaaaah this should be number 1!
And last but not least Quilt shops that finally add your name to the referral list! Yay!

Things that do NOT Rock

1. Breaking yet ANOTHER needle because of thick seams. How many broken needles does it take before you have to retime? (I seem to be on my way to finding out)

2. A panto that just does not stitch up well. (so much for getting it done for …

Silly things do cease to be silly if they are done by sensible people in an impudent way

Jane Austin/Emma

Doesnt really have anything to do with this post I just love Jane Austin.

So I counted up my UFO's.Yikes. But I promised to be honest with myself so here they are. I am starting at #7 since the first 6 are listed above.
7. Fall Frolic (the last exchange of dear jane blocks I was in. It was about 2/3 years ago.That is sad I have a box of blocks just waiting for a setting!)
8. New York Beauty ( I promised my hubby a variation on this since I made a black/red/silver one last year for a graduation gift)I have almost all the fabric for this.
9. Burgundy blocks. I bought a box of blocks from a friend who was selling her stash because she is no longer able to quilt. (I honestly didnt want these but thought good practice quilt)
10. Wheel quilt ( I cant remember what the name of this pattern is) Blocks just need the circle appliqued into the middle and then put together.
11. Burp Rags. I am adding these as I have been working on them for over a month and I need to see them done. …

Blah Day and Decisions

Well I accomplished next to nothing today. Dont ya just hate that "what did I do today" question that just sometimes cant be answered? I hate it.I look back on the day and wonder what exactly did I do during the day? I thought I was busy, I really dont remember sitting and doing nothing.hmmmmmmmmm. But I have nothing to show for it.Arghhhhhhhh. Tomorrow, tomorrow I will have something to show at the end of the day.I will!

I did make a decision today. Well I made several actually but the one on my brain right now is my prize. I have decided on Hydraulic Lifts! If I am a good girl I will get those and Pizza! (thank you Freda for not letting me forget my pizza Ü) I can honestly say those small prizes will probably happen anyways (well with pizza) but the big one I am gonna be firm on. I need to count my UFOs up and then decide how many done will earn those lifts! All if I can but almopst all for sure. But I need to count first.I am scared to do that! The stitch regulator would b…