Oh Yay Tuesday Again

Yesterday Ron Paul was here the whole day giving Gracie her check up.That man is so thorough! My Gracie is soooooo happy now and has a lot of new parts and pieces. Including a new thread guide,open toe foot and, bobbin set up for lighter thread! Those are the big things I wont mention all the small things he replaced it would bore you. While he was doing it all though he explains and makes sure you understand. I LOVE that! He also brought me new thread (yuuuuuuum) and new needles (Yay).

So after a wonderful day with Gracie and Ron we had to send him on his way so that he could visit others. Its hard for me to share but I know others need him just as much as we did. He wont be back until next year, that is sad for us in Alaska.

Well on to other news. I have a finish! ALL the burp rags are done! This is only a few of them as hubby keeps nabbing one or two as he walks through.That man is either selling them or is hiding a baby! He sure knows a lot of people having babies.
I also finished quilting the baby girl quilt.So soon I will have another finish! YAY! I absolutely hated this panto though.I am showing the best part of it in this photo.The rest is a backtracking mess.It will be going in my "if you want this panto you will pay a crazy price" catagory. I hope no one ever wants it even at the crazy price! I had wanted to finish this and get it in the fair but after seeing how the panto was coming I decided not too. I dont want anyone thinking this is my work! Sigh, I still love the quilt though.

I had to post a picture of this customers quilt.Remember the monster I was complaining about? Here it is 120x136!!!!! Two days of simple meander. Good thing she only wanted a simple meander or she would of had to get a loan to pay for this! I am halfway wondering if she isnt going to use it for a carpet? I really am hurting for her and me though when I think about the fact she has to bind it AND that I have a 2nd almost identical one to still do for her.

Isnt this beautiful? Doesnt it make you wonder what he did? Ü.Just kidding. I was just having a really bad day and Jer knew I needed a pick me up. My boys brought it in for me (Jerrod and Dustin) Dustin (sons best bud and my adopted son) says look what we picked for you! I asked where did the vase come from? Dustin says Jerrod stole it he sure is a troubled child! Lol. I love that kid, he has such a great sense of humour. BTW I had my one hour masseage on Sat that Dustin bought me... If you have never had a massage GO GET ONE! Wow I am in love and will be going again!

Last but not least I have to share these photos. My oldest took them of my boys skateboarding. We had a few of them matted and framed and she entered them in the fair. I love these photos.These are only a few of them, I couldnt secide which ones to post because they all turned out wonderful! Jerrod is all in black and Dustin is in the blue and white striped shirt.


Jan said…
Yippeee!! The turtle moved :-D I love that quilt!! But I make monster quilts too LOL What's the use if you are still fighting over the covers!! ;-) Those photos are great!! And how sweet of them to get you flowers!! However they got them ROTFL It's the thought that counts!! Right?!
Smiles! Becca said…
Yeah I guess you are right fighting over the covers is no fun! I always loose!
Freda said…
Wow, Becca, that is one big quilt but it is beautiful. I love the baby quilt but I can see that the panto might be a pain. I love the pix and your boys sure are sweet to give you the flowers. Have a great day.
Randi said…
I started getting massages in February...I go every two weeks now. Love it!

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