Things that rock!

1. Hand dyed fabric from an AWESOME ss! Thank you Vicki! Its so unbelievably beautiful.The picture doesnt do it justice.

2.Turning green coffee beans into this.yuuuuuuuuum

3. Supply orders from Kingsmen. The picture is horrible but there is a new panto and thread guide for Gracie.

4. Knowing Ron Paul is on his way to give Gracie a check up and bring me more thread! He is bringing me and open toe foot!

5. Season 1 of Bones! It's wonderful to watch while quilting.

6.A gift Certificate for a one hour massage. Thank you Dustin ( a great little buddy of mine). I have an appointment for Saturday.]

7. Happy customers. aaaaaaaah this should be number 1!
And last but not least Quilt shops that finally add your name to the referral list! Yay!

Things that do NOT Rock

1. Breaking yet ANOTHER needle because of thick seams. How many broken needles does it take before you have to retime? (I seem to be on my way to finding out)

2. A panto that just does not stitch up well. (so much for getting it done for the fair)

3. A customer that thinks her top isnt centered well enough to the back. (Is she serious? I followed HER instructions and centering to a back is next to impossible)

4. Customers who pay cash and "accidently" short you. (yeah right)

5. The heater in Gracie house quiting on me. (yes we still are using heat)

6. Media Mail ( argh! I needed that book THIS year!)

7. (and last but not least) Having to Renew my license.=-(


Jan said…
OH!!! I don't know which one makes me drool more... the first or second picture!!!! :-) Both very nice!! Have fun with the new open toe foot!! I could not believe the diffence! It's so good it will make you forget the second half of your list!! :-)
Smiles! Becca said…
I have been sitting on my phone since I dont know what day he is showing up! I am so excited about it.
Freda said…
I love those fabrics Becca. I hope your machine has a great check up. Have a great day.
Smiles! Becca said…
Thanks Freda I do to! I hope your day is awesome too!
DearGina said…
awesome fabrics woman!!
Smiles! Becca said…
you are so right Gina!

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