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Doesnt really have anything to do with this post I just love Jane Austin.

So I counted up my UFO's.Yikes. But I promised to be honest with myself so here they are. I am starting at #7 since the first 6 are listed above.
7. Fall Frolic (the last exchange of dear jane blocks I was in. It was about 2/3 years ago.That is sad I have a box of blocks just waiting for a setting!)
8. New York Beauty ( I promised my hubby a variation on this since I made a black/red/silver one last year for a graduation gift)I have almost all the fabric for this.
9. Burgundy blocks. I bought a box of blocks from a friend who was selling her stash because she is no longer able to quilt. (I honestly didnt want these but thought good practice quilt)
10. Wheel quilt ( I cant remember what the name of this pattern is) Blocks just need the circle appliqued into the middle and then put together.
11. Burp Rags. I am adding these as I have been working on them for over a month and I need to see them done. I have 14 left to do.
12. Siggie Quilt ( I just need backing, quilted,binding)
13. Receiving blankets ( I havent started them but they have to be done before Nov. I have 30 to do)
14. Flannel scrap.Just need to put the blocks together
15. Rythym of the Sea ( I have the WHOLE kit and only one square done.Of course its the square with the sea turtle)
16. Pizza Quilt (for my fav. cuz in law. I have all the material)
17. Amy Quilt (no name for it yet.For my fav. cuz.Again I have all the material)
18. 2 Bears. Small wallhanging.Just needs to be quilted and binding. I am pathetic.
19. Strawberry shortcake. Top I threw together with leftovers.Just need to quilt and bind.
20. Amish. Just HAD to make this last year. Just need to quilt and bind. I am seeing a trend here.
21. Storm at Sea. Top I made 3 years ago.Again quilt and bind.
22. Lonestar. Top made in class last year. Need I say it? Just needs to be quilted and binding.
23. Divided Household.Football top I made 2 years ago. Quilt and bind.
24. Psycho Butterflies. Class quilt top from about 4 years ago. And yet again quilt and bind
25. Chocolate Moda Wall hanging. Quilt and bind.This is such a small project too!\
26. Dream wall hanging. Another to quilt and bind.
27. Wizard of Oz top. hmmmmmmm I am NOT going to tell you as I am sure you have guessed what needs to be done.
28. Spider Man Sam Top. Ok in my defense this one is emotional for me but I am ready to quilt and bind it.
29. Roses Wall hanging top. Yup you guessed it.
30. Butterfly wall hanging. Dont need to even guess do you?
31. Felt Tea Cups I have almost all the material.Just need some off white wool felt and finger weight yarn for handles. Note to self ask Jan if she has found this for her tea cup yet.
32. Coil Bag. I have almost all the clothesline wrapped.Yay me!

I scared my self with this list. Why do I have so many to quilt. I own a long arm for heavens sake.Lol. Thats funny isnt it. When my husband plowed snow in the winter for others, you better belive our driveway was always the last to be done. My dad was a brickmason yet we never had a brick anything in our house. My brother in law was a mechanic yet they never had a running car. This is insightful to me! Its time to break the cycle. Ü.Yeah right.

So anyways factoring in that I have so many ready to be done I am going to set my goal at 30 and yes I am keeping the 4 that I already finished.So that is only 26 more off of the ones I have posted. If I start something new it will not go on the list. I can do this.

Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention I have decided to rip my sewing room apart and paint.....Yes I know there is medication for this...


Jan said…
Wow... that's a list. I suddenly feel quite unproductive. Note to self... get busy ;-) I will send you an email with some preliminary info on the yarn, but I haven't made the time to get it and do it. I need a clone....
Mary said…
I've got to work on more of mine too but something tells me that August isn't going to be the month that I finish any. I've got a goal of 10 tops to quilt by August 31 but so far it doesn't look like the UFO's have made that list.

Good luck with yours.
Freda said…
Wow, that is some list Becca. If I were to go through my UFO'S I would find a lot of the, yep, you guessed it, quilt and bind. No time for that though. Good luck on getting your list done.
Smiles! Becca said…
Oooh I have high hopes dont I.Lol. A couple of those I have to start for themhonestly to be a UFO but I know me and know that they will get started soon.I amthinking if I already put them on wont that give me guilt? Lol

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