I NEED to see that turtle move!

Ok I think I have my brain back on track. I sat down today just to take a quick look at everything then go to work. THEN I checked on Vicki! Oy vey.Dont go there until you have a load of free time. I was only able to leave after I promised myself I would take a long lunch break.

I have one on the frame for me then I have atleast two gargantuan customer quilts to do. This lady always makes bigger then king. She calls me the other day and says "sweetie I have another little top for you!" I say "Little?" and she laughs. She then tells me if her husband hadnt decided all his sons would be big strappin men she would of had little dainty girls then I would be quilting pretty little femine quilt tops.Wow so thats how that works! I always wondered.

Ok I am off to work! Hopefully at the end of today I will have that turtle gearing up to move! My goal is for him to be 2 projects over by Sunday.


Jan said…
LOL Turtles move really slow don't they ;-) Go Becca!! You can do it!!! Load that espresso machine up and gooooooo!! :-D

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