Blah Day and Decisions

Well I accomplished next to nothing today. Dont ya just hate that "what did I do today" question that just sometimes cant be answered? I hate it.I look back on the day and wonder what exactly did I do during the day? I thought I was busy, I really dont remember sitting and doing nothing.hmmmmmmmmm. But I have nothing to show for it.Arghhhhhhhh. Tomorrow, tomorrow I will have something to show at the end of the day.I will!

I did make a decision today. Well I made several actually but the one on my brain right now is my prize. I have decided on Hydraulic Lifts! If I am a good girl I will get those and Pizza! (thank you Freda for not letting me forget my pizza Ü) I can honestly say those small prizes will probably happen anyways (well with pizza) but the big one I am gonna be firm on. I need to count my UFOs up and then decide how many done will earn those lifts! All if I can but almopst all for sure. But I need to count first.I am scared to do that! The stitch regulator would be awesome BUT if I can save that much I think I would rather use it to take my hubby away for the weekend. We both deserve that. Portland in Jan, maybe. Or vegas, seattle, maybe even canada again.Who knows maybe I could even surprise my favorite cuz for her baby shower. That would be the best. I could meet my fav baby cuz. Ohhhhh I have big dreams............


Jan said…
It's good to dream big!!!! :-) And you know, I call those days planning or building days. They have to happen.
Freda said…
Sounds like a wonderful dream to me. Glad you made your decision. Hmmmmmm, the trip with hubby sounds great too. I may have to make some plans too.
Anonymous said…
I HAD to take the Austin quiz when I saw it on your blog!! I ended up with the same result as you!
Smiles! Becca said…
You ladies always are so positive! Thanks for keeping me boosted! Ü

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