The Turtle Is On The Move!

I finished the baby girl quilt last night. I am so happy it is done. Back before I knew my favorite cuz was having a boy I traded work with a customer to make me matching diaper bags for the baby girl and baby boy quilts.That way I had my bases covered.The other side of the diaper bag has a strap for the stroller and has more yellow on it. I LOVE this bag!Anyways now I need a little girl! So into storage this set goes for someone special. The little boy set is just as adorable. I got that quilted just need to bind it.
I want to play today and not work. But because yesterday was turned into errand day I have to work. That really bites. I only got to play for about an hour yesterday. I started on my apron for the Sassy Apron swap. Now I want to finish it as it is turning out so cute!Thats all I can say though as it is a secret.shhhhh. Maybe I will get done with work early today so I can play.
I was all excited to have this weekend totally to myself as hubby has to go out of town for 3 days. We have friends here that have been playing with the kids everyday so they are busy and I usually take the weekend off.BUT then we get invited to a barbecue on Sat..........I should be happy about that shouldnt I? Hubby says I have to go as it is a very old family friend and she is very excited to show off her new house. But all I can think is well there goes my saturday! Bad Becca! In my defense though next weekend we will be in Anchorage so this is my last weekend before I start school and weekends will go back to finishing things that didnt get done during the week.
Next weekend we will all be piled into the 5th wheel for family bonding.Listening to the kids fight over who sleeps where. Yelling at them to stop tracking dirt in because I dont have a vacuum for the 5th wheel yet. Listening to Jerrod complain because we couldnt find a spot with pavement so he could skateboard. Then yelling at Jerry because he is experimenting with what he can put in the fire to make fun explosions and sounds.Sounds like fun doesnt it. Better then tent camping atleast.
Speaking of the 5th wheel, I really love my hubby. We purchase it for an ubelievably low price as it needs some work done. But its huge so its worth it. We get some of the work done and he promptly rents it out! It was gone ALL summer. It would have been still gone but I threw a fit. We get it home last week and now we have to have all new flooring put in as it is trashed. Granted it is being paid for by the company he rented it too but still! (it was rented to an oil feild company to be used as an office) They also kept my coffee maker so I have to buy a new one. Hubby wanted to rent it out again but after I told him if he did I was going out and buying another one he calmed down. I printed out all these trailors and 5th wheels to go look at. I handed him the copies and told him make a choice. hehehehehe. So far ours is still in the driveway. Hopefully I wont be purchasing another one before our trip next week. I dont have the time to go look at them.Shhhh.


Jan said…
That's the fastest moving turtle!! ;-) And the most adorable bag & quilt set!!! Go Becca!! And I don't blame you! We've been looking at RV's for what seems forever. Definitely keep that one in the drive!!!
Freda said…
I love the quilt and bag Becca. That turtle is headed for the finish line. These guys just see dollar signs sometimes. Don't you want to just shake them till some sense gets in their head? Enjoy your trip.
Smiles! Becca said…
Yeah I love fast turtles!Lol... You are so right about the dollar signs Freda. Joke around here is hubby would rent his socks out if they werent on his feet!Lol. He is good at his job atleast.Ü
Debbie said…
Hey Becca, your tales of traveling with kids bring back plenty of memories. I remember well the time of life that you're in...busy, busy mom, trying to balance it all. How it all gets done at the end of the day, you can't be sure, somehow it just does.
I remember savoring those rare, "free" days too. My kids are grown now, the investment was worth it. (Grey hairs worth it too!) This whole thing with the 5th wheel makes me smile back to another memory. One of these days I will share with you the story of when my (then) husband wouldn't get my car fixed so I rented a limousine to take my kid to the orthodontist. xoxo from Iowa deb
Smiles! Becca said…
ooooh Debbie that story sounds awesome!

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