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As My World Turns

Oh the Post Office saga is never ending.Ü. I am in such a good mood though I just dont care.........And no I havent been or am not drinking.Ya never know when I may start though.Lol. I think its because I did stand up for myself today with the Post master at our local Post office.
This may result in our mail getting lost more but it still felt good. When i last left you I was still trying to track down one box for sure that was missing. Backing materials from one of my favorite companies. Tracking showed it was in Kenai but hmmmmmmm where could it be??? WELL as it turns out it was delivered to the wrong house ON PURPOSE! Yup on purpose. The mail person saw my business name and my address but saw the name didnt match mine. (an error) so she took it upon herself to cross my address out and hand write the correct one in! Only it wasnt correct.
Well anyways the post master calls me this morning about as condescending as you can get and instead of backing down I stood up for myself. I put on…

Drama Queen

I have discovered I may have a little bit in me. Not a good discovery.Lol. Yesterday as I was ranting and not being nice Becca my wonderful hubby says. Note to self, STOP coming home early on Tuesdays! Of course I snapped what do you mean? This is the post offices fault. He says to me oh Super Tuesdays always are like this. That is when I discovered he is right. I hate to clean so I get very grumpy about everything.

After a glass of wine it still made me mad but I was able to laugh a little. The dram does continue however as you wouldnt belive what happened next!

That horribly expensive gate I ordered for wonder dog arrived. Above mentioned man sees the guy drive up and sneak it up to the porch. He was headed out the back however to take skater boy for a hair cut. (when your son mentions that he can touch his tongue to his hair it is time for a cut)So I run downstairs all prepared to bust wonder dogs escape artists bubble! I drag the gate inside as it weighs a ton so dragging is my only…

They are at it again!

I wish I knew how to make a mean face on this thing. The Post Office is trying to drive me crazy. We have had a long standing feud. Belive it or not they started it! About 8 years ago I walked in to the P.O. to get a box with my little box slip in hand and was told they had just given it to me...... Uh no, cant you see I am standing here with no box in hand? Turns out they had handed the box to someone else with an address similar to mine. I said well did she have the little box slip? No they say but she is honest she will bring it back. I ask can you call her since you seem to know her? They say no she is honest she will bring it back. HA! It never came back. I complained quite loudly to whomever I could. Then last months little debacle with the box slips they never gave me but I was just supposed to know I had boxes in mess happened. I thought not again! Ugh. Well guess what. AGAIN! I ordered some thread and was smart enough to sign up for tracking. (That doesnt usually happen. the s…


All right enough is enough. We are having Feb. weather and it is only Oct! It is a wonderful 24 degrees outside! On top of this Oldest daughter has lost the car starter to my truck. How in the heck she did that I have no clue. but she did. Funny thing is it was the day after wonderful hubby found my extra set of keys. In his pocket! I have now stashed those somewhere safe. Not sure where at this present moment but I know they are not lost.Sheesh.

Class was awesome on Sat. A little bit of bragging here. I was the only one to finish all my blocks! Of course it was due to the fact Jody wasnt there but I will take the credit for being a fast quilter. I would of taken lots of pictures but my camera is broken. I did behave myself. It wasnt easy but the ladies were a little tamer then the group I am normally with. They were still fun though.

After class my friend Jody took me on a date. Her hubby bought us tickets to go see Jucie Newton and Gary Pucket. I think she felt sorry for me. I made he…

Wonder Dog

Looks innocent doesnt she? HA! This is houdini the amazing escape atrist disguised as skater boys sweet dog named R.C...... For the past six months i have been on a rampage because the dogs (R.C. my dog Izzie, and Amida, Oldest daughter dog) keep getting out through my sliding glass door in the sewing room. I figured that the door wasnt getting shut properly. I am right about that though too. When the kids go through the door they swing it so it bounces back a little. BUT what I didnt know until yesterday was that Skater boys dog was a genius at escaping! Its been building. Last week I thought I had seen it all when I saw her jump up and nose the door open from the handle. Well i though I can fix your wagon. So I flipped the lock. HA again on me! She jumped up flipped the lock and then nosed the door open. I would NOT have belived it had I not seen it with my very own eyes. So from that point on I started putting this very heavy chair in front of the door handle. That worked for almost…

I gave in

I am paying someone to clean my truck. That goes against the grain because I love cleaning it. (I have already warned you I am sick) I had to give in though as I cant figure out how to get the vacuum outside and keep it dry. With my luck I would fry myself in the process. I know I could go to one of those places but they are dirty and yucky. So its getting cleaned right as we speak.

I am doing this as (I cant belive this decision has been made) I have decided to sell it! Yup sell. I made a firm choice on the car. We are going with the Buick Enclave and if hubby cant move my truck over to the fleet he owns within the next month then I will sell. I am actually going to put it on the market now but I am very firm on the price. It is loaded with extremely low miles. Its going to take atleast two months once we order my car. So I would like to order it by January. We also decided to drive out on our journey next year instead of fly. It will be so much easier packing here and not having to w…

What would you ask

for your wonderful hubby to bring you if you found out he was going to have to go to China for business? He calls me from work a few days ago with this news. China! I really am not sure how I feel about this. I go from wow that is such a great opportunity to AGH! He still has to get his visa back before he can go but it looks like he will be gone for a few days the second week of November.

The kids and I were discussing this and trying to keep their mind off the fact that he is going to another country I say WOW dad can bring us back something from China! That is so cool! Of course the older two start plotting out what could they possibly want from China. I am deep in thought too but thinking of silk. Nah there is NO way I can get that man to search out a fabric store. He would go in one if it was right there but what are the chances of that!

The kids are so into this now they have lists going on. Poor wonderful hubby.He is sitting there shaking his head and thinking of the possible wa…

Ahhhh Costco

Wonderful Hubby and I have been planning a costco run for oh so long. We had decided that since we live 3 hours away we would really make it worth our time to go. It litterally took us 4 hours to shop! What is it about costco that makes you want to look aisle by aisle? I even look down the tire aisle! Now that is sick...

We must have looked like quite the sight. I had encouraged my better half to borrow a trailor for this journey. He figured that he knew better and a couple of crates in the back of his truck would be enough.hehehehehehe. We left the store with two over flowing flatbed carts and one overflowing shopping cart.

He then had to run to Walmart for bungee cords and another crate. I swear we looked like the Beverly Hillbillies driving down the road with toilet paper bungeed to the back of his truck. We stayed in a hotel that night and I had nightmares of someone stealing my toilet paper. I woke up the next morning and that was the first thing I looked out the window for. Dont …


Our hard drived crashed and burned. I do mean big time crashed and burned. Wed of last week I go to check my emails with my morning coffee and hmmmmmmm something is not right. Within the hour we were getting nasty blue pages that told us there were drives missing and it could not boot up! So we pack it all up and take it into mr. fix it guy. He says it should be done by Fri. Whew. Do you know what mom is like without her morning ritual??? Not pretty I tell you.

Friday comes and no computer. But thats o.k. We decide to go to Anchorage for a major costco run (wait till you hear about this one!) I figure Mr. fix it will have it done by Monday right? Wrong! When we call him he tells us we have lost everything and the hard drive needs to be replaced. He cant give us a time on when it will be done. Arghhhhh.

I couldnt take it anymore. I bought a new computer.Hooking up to the internet though has not been an easy thing though. We decided to get a wireless router and cant figure it out! Why oh …

When all else fails

read the directions!

When I ordered the new wheels for Gracie Jan kindly sent me detailed directions. I quickly printed them out and set them on the table to wait. I handed these instructions to wonderful hubby when we went to go put them on. I got the look. You all know that look. The look that says what do you think I am a complete moron for not knowing how to put on a wheel?

He set them down. I picked them back up again and said dont you think we should read these? He says no.O.K. I will read them while you put the wheels on. He was moving so quickly and I was so busy trying to hand him parts at best I skimmed them. I did catch a few things that he had to fix but he was done and out of there before I even knew what hit. O.k. well I played around with it and it felt a little tight but how do you really know until you get a quilt on.

Yesterday I finally loaded the next quilt in line. i quickly realised that something was not right! The wheels were way to tight. I tried a couple things b…

Guess what!

It snowed ALL weekend long. Most of it melted but some has stuck. I cant even tell you the delightful comments that have been coming from my mouth. I finally found my remote to the car starter. Yeah I misplaced it when my key ring fell apart. I have not however found my second set of keys with the other car starter remote. I have the coolest iron key hooks but do I ever hang my keys on it? Nope. At least I dont leave them in my truck like wonderful hubby does! I find that so annoying. Especially after I have searched for an hour for my keys and then remember he was the last one to drive. Ü
I did have another UFO finish last night. I was in such a foul mood after the memorial for our friend I locked myself in my room and finished the binding on my little wall hanging. I also knited like a dozen washcloths. I cannot sit without having something for my hands to do. Its worse if I am in any kind of mood. I will drive everyone around me nuts if I dont have something with me to do. Wonderful…

Catch Up

Thats what I am playing this week! Its not fun. Just as I was starting to clean on Tuesday I get a phone call that a dear friend is in the hospital and I need to come right away. I am so glad I did. By the time I got there he was not consious (I know I spelled that wrong) but I still was able to see him and tell him I loved him. He never woke up and passed away yesterday at 7 a.m. He isnt in pain any more. While we are all sad we do find comfort in that.This dear man has been in pain for so long. He was one of my fathers closest friends and I had known him since I was like 8. It was such a blessing to be able to know him.

How fitting it is that yesterday it snowed for the first time. He HATED and I do mean that in caps HATED the snow! He would find such humor in that. So now I have to get back to life and catch up. Thats o.k.

KAREN L the Snuggle pattern is by a company called Great Copy Patterns. The number to the pattern is #1010 and is called a cuddle wrap. I can tell you it is by far…


I LOVE saturdays. I would have to say its my favorite day. Hubby is playing around the house kids are all doing their own thing and I get to play with my stuff! This is what I did! Baby Tice is expected around the end of November so I made him a snuggly. So so so easy and fun. I am going to go get more polar fleece and make a few more of these. He needs a few and in diffenernt sizes. Maybe I will make a couple for the gift closet too!

They barely use a yard of fabric and only 3 pattern peices. My kind of project!

Here is a closer picture of the receiving blanket. They are also super super easy. I buy one yard of fabric. I do make these two layers so two different peices. The bigger peice is one yard square. The smaller peice is 34 inches square.All I do is fold over the larger piece to self bind.Super quick and easy. The left over fabric I use for burp cloths.

I just got this fabric in the mail. Its for a swap that I am doing. Its so yummy and makes me want to go get another cup of coffe…

Fabric Therapy

There is nothing like it. All the pretty collors and textures. On a really bad day a bright batik will just lift me right up! Last night I grabbed a beer and went right to my play room. Oooooooh I love my room. Drawers and drawers of pretty fabric. Perked me right up!
I even finished another UFO! All the receiving blankets I needed to make are done. I should be able to get them off to my favorite soon to be born nany cuz this weekend. Well that is if the other stuff I have ordered him comes in. I have been trying to send a box every month. I have a feeling he will be the closest thing to a grandkid I ever get! All 3 of my kids are way to young and have all swore they are never having children. I hope one of them changes their mind at some point I need a baby to spoil! I can spoil baby Tice for now but in a few years I will need another one! I did notice I need to make a few more girl ones for the gift closet.
I should warn you there are a LOT of pictures in this post! I borrowed Oldest …

Its a conspiracy!

It is I swear it is!

I am being a very good girl here. I really really am. But today I threw the biggest fit. One that would rival ANY two year old or my Youngest DD after a soda.

I have been ordering all sorts of things. I do most of my shopping online. So I have probably a dozen boxes coming in. Not just stuff for me or Gracie, but for school, for the kids, for hubby.Well, I have been getting really aggravated as NONE of it seems to be coming in.

Today I send oldest daughter up to get the mail and she brings home a box slip. I calmly look up the zip code to see if it is worth going to town for (my edgeriders) and see that it is indeed a box from the state in which I am waiting. Illinois. This means my wheels!

Oldest daughter seeing the ecstatic hyper state I am in makes the executive decision to go into town for me. I spend my time working on the quilt I cant seem to get done because of that WAB thing. That and other reasons (uneven table due to Wonderful hubby trying to level up Graci…

Another Boring Blog Post

It seems my life is going to be boring this week. I can handle that for sure. It sure beats the heck out of the last few months.

Last night a good friend came over to play guitar with skater boy and the extra kid. He is such a good friend and a great influence on skater boy. He goes out of his way to look for things he can do or has in common with him. Last week he came over and played video games for awhile. So we try and feed him since he is single and we all enjoy hanging out with him.

I worked all day yesterday. That WAB disease though sprang its ugly head. I finished 2 of the three quilts and got the third loaded. I was out in Gracie house all day but guess what I was doing......Playing with thread! I got in 13 new cones. of course I had to spread it all out and play with it. Then I noticed that my thread wall wasnt organised very well. So then I had to do that. Well before I knew it Wonderful hubby was firing up the barbecue and enticing me with shish ka bobs. I love that man.He e…

My Parents

So last year was my parents big 50. It took me about a year of planning but wonderful hubby and I planned a full catered sit down surprise party for them. So last year at this time we were sending boxes of party goods and getting ready to fly out. There were around a 100 people and it was wonderful. A HUGE surprise that they were not expecting at all. Wonderful hubby did most of the cooking that was his gift to them and I of course made them a quilt. The best feeling in the world to be able to do that for my parents. But now I am left with what to do this year. It takes me forever to settle on a gift. Even just a graduation gift. It has to mean something. I cant just pop into a store and buy something. I have to think, worry, make lists, procrastinate, and change my mind 500 times. This is driving me nuts! Not to mention my parents have everything they could possibly want. I am thinking about an ipod loaded with all their favorite elevator music. I just cant decide if thats special eno…