Guess what!

It snowed ALL weekend long. Most of it melted but some has stuck. I cant even tell you the delightful comments that have been coming from my mouth. I finally found my remote to the car starter. Yeah I misplaced it when my key ring fell apart. I have not however found my second set of keys with the other car starter remote. I have the coolest iron key hooks but do I ever hang my keys on it? Nope. At least I dont leave them in my truck like wonderful hubby does! I find that so annoying. Especially after I have searched for an hour for my keys and then remember he was the last one to drive. Ü
I did have another UFO finish last night. I was in such a foul mood after the memorial for our friend I locked myself in my room and finished the binding on my little wall hanging. I also knited like a dozen washcloths. I cannot sit without having something for my hands to do. Its worse if I am in any kind of mood. I will drive everyone around me nuts if I dont have something with me to do. Wonderful hubby has gotten used to me and my project bags and now will ask if I have remembered it before we even leave the driveway. He does take good care of me.

I am not done pimping Gracie ( I have been informed its not up or out its just pimping! Thank you Jody!) I still havent received the velcro and elastic for the new leaders and clamps but here she is so far with her new wheels, grid, and decals! My wonderful hubby even came home from work early to help me get the wheels on and level Gracie up again.I also made some muslin ( I dont know what to call these) spacers(?) for pinning onto the sides of the quilt backs. Then you put your clamps on these. You wont ever get those nasty little blips you have to frog because you ran the macine into a clamp. Yall probably dont get those but I do...A LOT!

Now I have to get back to work. I am prcrastinating big time. Its not the W.A.B. disease that rears its ugly head all the time. This time its because my heater is broke! Seriously dead. I moved a little space heater out there while Wonderful hubby is fixing it but its just not cutting it. I hate being cold. I really really really hate being cold! So I am going to go layer on some clothes find my mittens and make everyone listen to me in the house whine. Maybe I will call my wonderful hubby and whine a little. Maybe not. He has been really spoiling me lately.............. Nah, I will tell him I love him first , but I hate being cold!


Jan said…
Snow.... no way!!!!! With a broken heater??!! Stare at the pretty brand new edgeriders. Think about the turtle groovin lower... and refill the vodka... you know.. from that russian you are supposed to be looking for every morning ;-) Love the way Gracie is looking!!! And I hope this is the most incredibly boring week you have ever experienced!!!!!
Vicki W said…
You sure do get a lot done when you are in a foul mood! I sure hope you get heat soon - snow without heat is not a good thing in my book. You might need a tie dye sweatshirt! LOL!
Smiles! Becca said…
Lol Jan! I am sure I will spot one soon.hehehehe

Vicki I have to agree with no heat and snow is not a good thing! I toldd hubby tonight he was going to have a popsicle for a wife if he didnt get me heat soon.
What fun SNOW!!!! We don't get a lot of that pretty white stuff here in Ks. But when we do I am like a kid in a candy store. I love to go out and play in it. It's also fun just to watch as it falls to the ground. I work nites and am up when it snows most of the time. So I love to just sit and watch it come down.
Gracie frames.. we must be twins I just purchased one of them also. I have to admit. I only have a small Juki machine to use.. not a big fancy one like yours.
I believe the muslin cloth strips are refered to as leaders :) I also made mine and what a pain it was. I made them too big and long the first time :( so I had to start over. Not only was putting the frame together and all day project.. making the leader was too. You can read about it on my blog. Speaking of blog thanks for stopping by ;)
Blips- yes, I get them. ick. I think I read about making the canvas side extensions somewhere, but hadn't seen a pic. Thanks for posting the picture. And, you pin the canvas to the side, just as you would pin to the top/bottom leaders? then unpin, roll and pin again? I think I get it. thanks-

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