When all else fails

read the directions!

When I ordered the new wheels for Gracie Jan kindly sent me detailed directions. I quickly printed them out and set them on the table to wait. I handed these instructions to wonderful hubby when we went to go put them on. I got the look. You all know that look. The look that says what do you think I am a complete moron for not knowing how to put on a wheel?

He set them down. I picked them back up again and said dont you think we should read these? He says no.O.K. I will read them while you put the wheels on. He was moving so quickly and I was so busy trying to hand him parts at best I skimmed them. I did catch a few things that he had to fix but he was done and out of there before I even knew what hit. O.k. well I played around with it and it felt a little tight but how do you really know until you get a quilt on.

Yesterday I finally loaded the next quilt in line. i quickly realised that something was not right! The wheels were way to tight. I tried a couple things but that didnt help.It took me an hour to figure out I was going to have to start from scratch. How in the heck am I going to do this Gracie weighs a ton! Somehow I got her jacked up on some chilli cans and went to reading my instructions.

My aha moment was not far away. It seems that the little bolts that the above mention man thought were stupid because they were so small are infact a vital part! They go on BEFORE the wheel goes on. WOW! Amazing difference let me tell you. I cant really make too much fun of him though as I didnt realise to pick up the directions until I had messes around out in Gracie house for way to long yesterday.

I did discover that I had to take off my parking wheels. They were not allowing the edgeriders to even touch the rails. Way bigger then them. Everything now is running pretty smoothly. Wouldnt it have been nice if we had read those directions first?


Jan said…
ROTFLOL My hubby did the same thing!! I couldn't budge that stupid machine! And he's swearing on the phone, it's just fine honey, you need to work out more! SMACK!!! I then printed out those directions and met him at the door with them and said no one eats or sleeps until my machine is fixed LOL

So do you like them now??!!!! Oh I hope so!!! I park my machine now by just looping a velcro clamp strap around a handle and back to the edge.
Freda said…
Yep, I get the look. I call it the "I must have three heads" look. Glad you are enjoying Gracie again.
Smiles! Becca said…
ooooh I am lovin the new wheels! They are amazing. Maybe its just the thought that they are supposed to be smoother but I sure feel like my stitches are smoother.

Ah I know that three headed look too. Its the look I get when I ask him to put his shoes in the garage and NOT in the middle of my sewing room.Ü

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