Wonder Dog

Looks innocent doesnt she? HA! This is houdini the amazing escape atrist disguised as skater boys sweet dog named R.C......
For the past six months i have been on a rampage because the dogs (R.C. my dog Izzie, and Amida, Oldest daughter dog) keep getting out through my sliding glass door in the sewing room. I figured that the door wasnt getting shut properly. I am right about that though too. When the kids go through the door they swing it so it bounces back a little.
BUT what I didnt know until yesterday was that Skater boys dog was a genius at escaping! Its been building. Last week I thought I had seen it all when I saw her jump up and nose the door open from the handle. Well i though I can fix your wagon. So I flipped the lock. HA again on me! She jumped up flipped the lock and then nosed the door open. I would NOT have belived it had I not seen it with my very own eyes.
So from that point on I started putting this very heavy chair in front of the door handle. That worked for almost a week. Yesterday I watched as she bounced ( i have no way to describe how she did this) the chair out of the way flipped the lock and let the dogs out. Unbelivable!
Last night I spent a few hours on the computer trying to find a safety gate to put in the doorway. It has to have a walk through gat in it as the sewing room is two steps down from the family room. No way to hike over that. I finally found one to the tune of $167. UGH. Price is so high because of the stupid shipping. How long before she figure out how to get over the gate or open the walk through is the bet my loving family is taking.
My poor sweet stupid izzie is going to hate me. She is a boxer and has very short hair. She LOVEs to lay on the heated floor in my sewing room right under my feet so that I trip and fall when I move. Now she wont be able to do that as they will be banned from the sewing room! Will she blame wonder dog? Nope she will blame me and pout when I look at her. Oh well, sometimes you do what ya gotta do!


Jan said…
ROTFLOL Houdini dog for sure!!!! Can you put a broom stick.. dow rod ... board in the sliding door tracks to keep it from sliding open when you don't want it to? Like say all night long?!!! LOL You should video tape that move!!
Vicki W said…
That dog looks way to innocent to do the things you describe. You surely must be dreaming!
Smiles! Becca said…
Ha! Guess whos dogs are out running the neighborhood? I left for five minutes and the kids forgot to put the pipe back in the door.grrrrrrr. I need that gate.
Anonymous said…
That is one smart dog!
Diana Wilson

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