Fabric Therapy

There is nothing like it. All the pretty collors and textures. On a really bad day a bright batik will just lift me right up! Last night I grabbed a beer and went right to my play room. Oooooooh I love my room. Drawers and drawers of pretty fabric. Perked me right up!
I even finished another UFO! All the receiving blankets I needed to make are done. I should be able to get them off to my favorite soon to be born nany cuz this weekend. Well that is if the other stuff I have ordered him comes in. I have been trying to send a box every month. I have a feeling he will be the closest thing to a grandkid I ever get! All 3 of my kids are way to young and have all swore they are never having children. I hope one of them changes their mind at some point I need a baby to spoil! I can spoil baby Tice for now but in a few years I will need another one! I did notice I need to make a few more girl ones for the gift closet.
I should warn you there are a LOT of pictures in this post! I borrowed Oldest daughters camera and got all the pictures I wanted.This is the small wallhanging I finished the other day. I dont like it. It has bad memories for me. It was supposed to be a large bed quilt. But the teacher of this class was horribly rude and hated my fabric. She actually used it as an example of what not to use. I got up and walked out and only finished these blocks because I did not want them to go to waste. I will use it as a tablecloth.

My Pretty Shiny new thread and the reason I got sidetracked all day. I had to make room for it. Which then resulted in cleaning up the whole thread wall. Isnt it pretty?But then that made my tool wall look bad so I had to clean that up! I wonder how long it will all look this pretty.While I was working in Gracie House I decided to finally drill those holes in the new clamps I ordered for Gracie last month. I am going to make them like Sharon Schambers tutorial teaches.Just waiting on my elastic and RED velcro.....ooooooh yummy.These are belated pictures of my Secret Siticher gift. I am going to do the Penny rug this weekend.LOVE it allIsnt this the cutest thing you have ever seen? Last but not least If you havent seen this book you HAVE to check it out on amazon! It is the funniest book I have ever seen and isnt x-rated at all. I bought a couple 3 for gifts. My oldest dd and I were cracking up last night reading it.Well I guess I had better to work. Time to fight Gracie again. I know I should level her up but to do it right I need to take her off of her table. I dont want to do that until the edgeriders have come in.

OH YEAH! I almost forgot. I called the company first thing this a.m. They inform me they are on backorder still.They have no clue when to expect them in. I told her to cancel them as I need to find someone that has them in stock. She was a little irritated and I am sorry about that but I need them like now. I went onto the edgerider website and they have a list of dealers.It took a few calls but I think I may have found them. I will know later today.


Jan said…
Oh my!! Can you have WOB and SOS at my studio sometime soon?! Look how much you got done!! Go Becca!! I love that polar bear and turtle!! How perfect for you!!! Hope the edgeriders appear soon!!!!!
Freda said…
I love the shiny thread Becca and the blankets, and the bad experience/tablecloth, heck, I love them all. I saw that the turtle is marching toward the finish line. Go, Becca, go!!!!!
Vicki W said…
I love a prety thread wall!
Smiles! Becca said…
Ü The bad thing about pretty shiny new thread is that you want more!
Anonymous said…
care to share your "recipe" for the receiving blankets? rectangle?square? rounded corners? 1 thickness or 2? edge stitching?

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