Our hard drived crashed and burned. I do mean big time crashed and burned. Wed of last week I go to check my emails with my morning coffee and hmmmmmmm something is not right. Within the hour we were getting nasty blue pages that told us there were drives missing and it could not boot up! So we pack it all up and take it into mr. fix it guy. He says it should be done by Fri. Whew. Do you know what mom is like without her morning ritual??? Not pretty I tell you.

Friday comes and no computer. But thats o.k. We decide to go to Anchorage for a major costco run (wait till you hear about this one!) I figure Mr. fix it will have it done by Monday right? Wrong! When we call him he tells us we have lost everything and the hard drive needs to be replaced. He cant give us a time on when it will be done. Arghhhhh.

I couldnt take it anymore. I bought a new computer.Hooking up to the internet though has not been an easy thing though. We decided to get a wireless router and cant figure it out! Why oh why do things have to be so difficult? A friend is going to take pity on us today though and come see if he can hook us up. So for now I am back online.

Later I will tell you of our Costco run and my pretty new presents! Oh yeah did ya miss me?


Vicki W said…
I wondered where you had been!
Jan said…
Yes I missed you!!!! I was getting ready to send out search parties!! :-D Costco.... so fun... so many shiny objects.... LOL Can't wait to see what you bought!!
jodybob said…
So--you are now good to go??

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