Its a conspiracy!

It is I swear it is!

I am being a very good girl here. I really really am. But today I threw the biggest fit. One that would rival ANY two year old or my Youngest DD after a soda.

I have been ordering all sorts of things. I do most of my shopping online. So I have probably a dozen boxes coming in. Not just stuff for me or Gracie, but for school, for the kids, for hubby.Well, I have been getting really aggravated as NONE of it seems to be coming in.

Today I send oldest daughter up to get the mail and she brings home a box slip. I calmly look up the zip code to see if it is worth going to town for (my edgeriders) and see that it is indeed a box from the state in which I am waiting. Illinois. This means my wheels!

Oldest daughter seeing the ecstatic hyper state I am in makes the executive decision to go into town for me. I spend my time working on the quilt I cant seem to get done because of that WAB thing. That and other reasons (uneven table due to Wonderful hubby trying to level up Gracie House better, and bad wheels).

An hour later she comes in carrying 6 boxes! Two of them have been sitting at the post office since the middle of Sept ! The mail lady askes her why she hasnt been in to pick them up and Oldest daughter tells her we never got the slips.ARGH. It seems we have a new mail carrier that is in need of a reminder that people NEED mail slips since mind reading doesnt seem to be working.

Well I am ready to forgive this mail person when I see my box from Kingsmen. Until I open the box that is. NO WHEELS! A little note at the bottom of the packing slip indicates they are on back order. This is something they could of told me when I ordered them so that I could of found them at a different source! I am calling them tomorrow to find out if they have been mailed. If not I am canceling them so that I can order them from someplace else!

I did get my pattern grid in which I really am in need of too but everything else was for the kids. It is a conspiracy I tell you! It is!


Jan said…
OH NOOOOO!!!!!!! We've had that happen too at our PO box at the Post Office... or better yet, confirmation number/tracking number says delivered, but there isn't anything in the box! Usually a stop at the window fixes all.

I ordered mine straight from edgerider and they shipped them out fast.... if that helps at all?? I'm sorry!!!!

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