I gave in

I am paying someone to clean my truck. That goes against the grain because I love cleaning it. (I have already warned you I am sick) I had to give in though as I cant figure out how to get the vacuum outside and keep it dry. With my luck I would fry myself in the process. I know I could go to one of those places but they are dirty and yucky. So its getting cleaned right as we speak.

I am doing this as (I cant belive this decision has been made) I have decided to sell it! Yup sell. I made a firm choice on the car. We are going with the Buick Enclave and if hubby cant move my truck over to the fleet he owns within the next month then I will sell. I am actually going to put it on the market now but I am very firm on the price. It is loaded with extremely low miles. Its going to take atleast two months once we order my car. So I would like to order it by January. We also decided to drive out on our journey next year instead of fly. It will be so much easier packing here and not having to worry about suitcases and such. This decision will probably change another 20 times before it happens but for right now this is where we are at. The bright side is that I will be without a vehicle payment for a couple months. Woo Hoo!

I stayed focused today long enough to get a customer quilt done. Its getting harder and harder to stay on track. My favorite cuz is due this coming month and all I want to do is make baby things. I also have homework to do for a mystery quilt class this Sat. Of course I left it until the week before. Procrastinater is my middle name.

I am excited about class this weekend but sad too. None of my buds can take the class with me so I will be with a group that I dont know. I hope they are fun. I am sure my buddy Jody has put out the warning sign for me.Ü. My mom always said I should come with one. They will ALL know me by the end of class for sure. I will try and behave though. At least for awhile. I guess I had better get back to my homework. oh yay.....


Jan said…
I feel so bad for you that you don't get to clean your truck, that I'll let you come here and clean mine!! ;-) Hope the delivery goes well, both car and cuz!!! Have fun at the mystery class!! They'll love you as much as we do by the end for sure!!!!
Freda said…
Becca, my truck could use a good cleaning too but be careful, it tends to run over people!! The new vehicle sounds great. Enjoy your mystery class this Saturday.
Debbie said…
How lucky for the group of unsuspecting strangers who look forward to class but have no idea that you're going to join in to liven up the group! Sounds like a recipe for fun to me, Becca. I know you won't let them down :))
Smiles! Becca said…
Rotflol! Unsuspecting is right!hehehehehe

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