Another Boring Blog Post

It seems my life is going to be boring this week. I can handle that for sure. It sure beats the heck out of the last few months.

Last night a good friend came over to play guitar with skater boy and the extra kid. He is such a good friend and a great influence on skater boy. He goes out of his way to look for things he can do or has in common with him. Last week he came over and played video games for awhile. So we try and feed him since he is single and we all enjoy hanging out with him.

I worked all day yesterday. That WAB disease though sprang its ugly head. I finished 2 of the three quilts and got the third loaded. I was out in Gracie house all day but guess what I was doing......Playing with thread! I got in 13 new cones. of course I had to spread it all out and play with it. Then I noticed that my thread wall wasnt organised very well. So then I had to do that. Well before I knew it Wonderful hubby was firing up the barbecue and enticing me with shish ka bobs. I love that man.He even bought beer! He must have known my wheels didnt come in.grrrrrrrr.

I did have a finish yesterday.A small wall hanging. However my camera is MIA. Which really sucks. I want to take a pic of my wonderful ss gift that came in the mail a few days ago. I think the same man mentioned above may have taken off with it for work purposes.So I will forgive him since he is so good to me.

sorry this post is boring and pictureless but boring is making me happy.Ü


Jan said…
Oh wait a minute.. thread... is that shiny object syndrome or WAB disease... some days it's just hard to tell ;-)

Shish ka bobs and beer!! Let him borrow the camera!! LOL That's a good trade off!! :-D I'm glad things are boring for you!!!
Smiles! Becca said…
ooooh SOS or WAB. I am just full of problems! Lol

You are right its an awesome trade off. I will try and borrow oldest daughters camera when I see her. I have pics to take!
Freda said…
Sounds like a good trade off to me too Becca. I would love to see the pretty shiny thread.
Smiles! Becca said…
oooh Freda as soon as I can locate a camera I will take a picture! It is soooooooo pretty!

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