My Parents

So last year was my parents big 50. It took me about a year of planning but wonderful hubby and I planned a full catered sit down surprise party for them. So last year at this time we were sending boxes of party goods and getting ready to fly out. There were around a 100 people and it was wonderful. A HUGE surprise that they were not expecting at all. Wonderful hubby did most of the cooking that was his gift to them and I of course made them a quilt. The best feeling in the world to be able to do that for my parents.
But now I am left with what to do this year. It takes me forever to settle on a gift. Even just a graduation gift. It has to mean something. I cant just pop into a store and buy something. I have to think, worry, make lists, procrastinate, and change my mind 500 times. This is driving me nuts! Not to mention my parents have everything they could possibly want. I am thinking about an ipod loaded with all their favorite elevator music. I just cant decide if thats special enough. I also dont want to drive them nuts trying to figure it out.
Any ideas??
I am making progress on my UFO's. By the end of the week it looks like I may have 3 more done! Today is all about the work though. I have 3 I have to get done. Even if it takes me to midnight. One is a rush job. My edgeriders have still not come in. They will come in after I have caught up I am sure. Not now when I need them the most.That groove in Gracies wheel is going to drive me to drink.........hehehe. Thats what I am blaming it on.Ü


Vicki W said…
The great thing about parents is that they are happy to just have some of your time!
Jan said…
I think your parents know that you are a blessing in their life! The ipod thing customized with music sounds wonderful & thoughtful!!!! Here's hoping your wheels arive today!!!! And you have a drink while watching someone else install them!!!
The customized ipod is a great idea, I will have to keep that in mind. Last year we gave my parents a Netflicks subscription. They were unsure about it at first, but now are telling us they want us to renew it for another year.
-Glad to hear you are keeping up with the UFOs! Mine are still sitting around mocking me. ugh. so much to do.... or is it WAB?
Smiles! Becca said…
You gals are awesome! I think an IPOD it is!
Debbie said…
Such a sweet picture. Fifty years! That's so lovely. And wasn't it fun planning the party? Love that.

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