What would you ask

for your wonderful hubby to bring you if you found out he was going to have to go to China for business? He calls me from work a few days ago with this news. China! I really am not sure how I feel about this. I go from wow that is such a great opportunity to AGH! He still has to get his visa back before he can go but it looks like he will be gone for a few days the second week of November.

The kids and I were discussing this and trying to keep their mind off the fact that he is going to another country I say WOW dad can bring us back something from China! That is so cool! Of course the older two start plotting out what could they possibly want from China. I am deep in thought too but thinking of silk. Nah there is NO way I can get that man to search out a fabric store. He would go in one if it was right there but what are the chances of that!

The kids are so into this now they have lists going on. Poor wonderful hubby.He is sitting there shaking his head and thinking of the possible ways he can make me pay for this. Ü. I tell him of course you have to bring us back something from China. I mean HOW often can you get a present from China! Wow!

That is when youngest daughter pipes up. Well actually she says, all the time. I mean everything now is made in China! Ahhhh the wisdom of a 8 year old.


Jan said…
ROTFL Wise child :-D I don't know what I would ask for... knowing me, I'd ask what was allowed through customs first and work from there. Definitely make him take a camera!!!
Freda said…
I have no idea what I would ask him to bring me other than himself safely back home. What a wonderful opportunity. I hope your DH has a great trip.
Smiles! Becca said…
wise acre more like it.lol The camera is the first thing going in his bag. I want a TON of pics!

Freda he knows he had better come back safe. I would be a puddle without him. He has to for the kids sake.Ü

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