Ahhhh Costco

Wonderful Hubby and I have been planning a costco run for oh so long. We had decided that since we live 3 hours away we would really make it worth our time to go. It litterally took us 4 hours to shop! What is it about costco that makes you want to look aisle by aisle? I even look down the tire aisle! Now that is sick...

We must have looked like quite the sight. I had encouraged my better half to borrow a trailor for this journey. He figured that he knew better and a couple of crates in the back of his truck would be enough.hehehehehehe. We left the store with two over flowing flatbed carts and one overflowing shopping cart.

He then had to run to Walmart for bungee cords and another crate. I swear we looked like the Beverly Hillbillies driving down the road with toilet paper bungeed to the back of his truck. We stayed in a hotel that night and I had nightmares of someone stealing my toilet paper. I woke up the next morning and that was the first thing I looked out the window for. Dont ask me why I was so obsessed about it.

I did see many shiny things and resisted most but then I came face to face with this! I am having visions of Granduer! I am going to grow food! Jan you are rubbing off on me.Lol. Well ok I am not really going to grow that much in this thing but If I can figure it out to grow a tomato I will be one happy little girl. Of course skater boy sees it and all he can think of is Jalapenos. If we cant share I may have to get another one. It is called an Aerogarden. Pretty high tech huh! Best part is I dont have to get my hands dirty!

I would like to say that I was a very good girl in Anchorage but I am going to have to come clean. I fell off the wagon BIG time. I fell to temptation. Honestly though I had my reasons. That stupid heater in Gracie House is going to cost me more then I thought. Which means my Hydraulic lifts may have to wait. Even if I do manage to get all my UFOs done. UGH.... Iam still going to move that turtle dang it but I thought I still deserved something. So I caved on a Dooney bag......It looks just like this one but its bright red and oh so pretty!

I know I should have guilt or something and maybe it will come later but right now hehehe I am lovin the bag.

Now though I have to get back to my schedule. Find all my peoples I lost in the ugly hard drive crash and put them on my links list. Then I will not loose them again!

By the way I missed you all terribly!


Jan said…
ROTFLOL Man, did I miss you!! Next time just take the fifth wheeler! Secure storage and sleeping quarters!!!! :-D

LOVE the aerogarden!! I've been lusting after one so you have to share how well it works for you in future postings!!!!

Love the bag too!!!! And I'm so glad no one stole the toilet paper :-D Sorry about the heater... very sorry!! You need heat... impossible to quilt with popisicle fingers.....
Anonymous said…
thanks for the laugh! i'm heading to bed hoping that my nightmares involve toilet paper. :)
Shawnee said…
So glad you've joined the Holiday Hostess Flirty Apron Swap!
Smiles! Becca said…
Jan I hear awesome things about the garden from friends who have it.So I am excited.

Kay I hope you dont have nightmares at all!Ü
Freda said…
The TP story is funny Becca. I love your new bag and hope you grow lots of tomatoes.

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