Drama Queen

I have discovered I may have a little bit in me. Not a good discovery.Lol. Yesterday as I was ranting and not being nice Becca my wonderful hubby says. Note to self, STOP coming home early on Tuesdays! Of course I snapped what do you mean? This is the post offices fault. He says to me oh Super Tuesdays always are like this. That is when I discovered he is right. I hate to clean so I get very grumpy about everything.

After a glass of wine it still made me mad but I was able to laugh a little. The dram does continue however as you wouldnt belive what happened next!

That horribly expensive gate I ordered for wonder dog arrived. Above mentioned man sees the guy drive up and sneak it up to the porch. He was headed out the back however to take skater boy for a hair cut. (when your son mentions that he can touch his tongue to his hair it is time for a cut)So I run downstairs all prepared to bust wonder dogs escape artists bubble! I drag the gate inside as it weighs a ton so dragging is my only option. I notice that the box is pretty beat up. I get the gat out only to discover it is in a miliion peices! They beat the tar out of it.

Well given my current mood I had had it. The poor little girl at Petsmart.She probably went home and had a glass of wine herself. I did appologise to her. Petsmart is sending out a new gate. Hubby gets home though and decides that calling them was not enough, that a call to UPS is in order. That man. He truly was trying to help. Now though I have to wait around the house today for the UPS man to come inspect said gate so that they can write their finding on his claim.Sigh.

I did call the P.O. national number that my hero Jan sent me. I filed a claim and they are supposed to call me back. They did tell me that it IS their job to make sure the box slips do in fact get written.HA! It may infact get worse before it gets better but I couldnt let this one go. I feel so much calmer today. Maybe discovering a little inner drama queen is the first step to recovery?


Jan said…
Hmmm well.... could you hire the super Tuesday cleaning done? Or stop having it ;-) Sorry about the pet gate!!! People wonder why I'd rather buy things local... uhm... less hassle?! Sending hugs! Hope it all works out quickly!!

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