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Oh the Post Office saga is never ending.Ü. I am in such a good mood though I just dont care.........And no I havent been or am not drinking.Ya never know when I may start though.Lol. I think its because I did stand up for myself today with the Post master at our local Post office.
This may result in our mail getting lost more but it still felt good. When i last left you I was still trying to track down one box for sure that was missing. Backing materials from one of my favorite companies. Tracking showed it was in Kenai but hmmmmmmm where could it be??? WELL as it turns out it was delivered to the wrong house ON PURPOSE! Yup on purpose. The mail person saw my business name and my address but saw the name didnt match mine. (an error) so she took it upon herself to cross my address out and hand write the correct one in! Only it wasnt correct.

Well anyways the post master calls me this morning about as condescending as you can get and instead of backing down I stood up for myself. I put on my so sweet I am going to make you sick voice and got right back in their face. I am also taking that box in since they dont belive me about the address. Like I said my mail will probably be torn up and unreadable but I stood my ground.
On the UPS front all is taken care of also. They stopped by here today picked up the broken gate and appologised profusely. They will probably carry the next gate to my house on bubble wrap.Lol
Funny thing did happen today. I do think this is funny because if you didnt know me you would honestly think I make ALL this stuff up to have something to blog about.Lol.... I bought the most beautiful wood table for my Pfaff. I first saw it on Vickis sight and fell in love with it. Well i got it today from Fed Ex (and no fedex is not on my hit list). Guess what? Its the wrong table! Lol.... I am so not kidding. I totally think it is awesome but not the one I ordered. Hahahahaha. So I emailed the guy. I am sure it will be all worked out I just thought it was hillarious. Kinda makes you think I should live in a big city so I dont have to mail order anything anymore!Ü . I will have to use that excuse with wonderful hubby. Think he will go for it? Probably not.
I thought I would post these pics of two aprons my mom gave me last year. These aprons were worn by my mom when she was a child. By the size of them a very small child. She says she remembers the blue but the other one she had to of been about 2 because it is tiny. I am trying to find a way to preserve them. Maybe mat and frame? I am a HUGE apron lover and wearer so she knew I would appreciate them and I really really do.

The UFO I finished last week that I am just now getting a picture of. It is a yellow brick road done with wizard of oz fabrics. I just quilted an overall swirl. Honestly it will probably go in the gift box for a child.I am not in love with it as much as I was in love with the fabric. Maybe I should of just left the fabric whole.heheheOur Aerogarden update. I cant remember what day we are at. I have it written down somewhere....... I thought thats what Jan would do so I did. Lol. Just kidding Jan! The directions had a space so I did what it told me. I am very very very happy with this gadget! All the herbs are doing beautiful. The basil is growing the best. The mint was the last to come up but its up now and the dill was also slow. I cant remember what the other herbs are at this moment but thats because they werent last or first.Lol. I am sure I will love them in whatever wonderful hubby puts them in.ÜLast but not least I want to say welcome to my friend Jody! She is a brand new blogger and has taken to it just like she did quilting. She even posted her first picture today! Yay Jody!!! (her link is on my sidebar)


Vicki W said…
What a saga! I can't believe the table is wrong too! Ugghhhh! I remember when you were my SS and that first box wasn't delivered. I thought it was all me. Now I know that you just have bad mail juju. Can you call in a mystic or something?
You've been busy! I love your new blog set up. Sorry to hear about the PO stuff... madening. I'm serious into WAB. ouch. ; )
Jan said…
Well... I'm sorry.... I would keep that box for sure and possibly another call to that 800 number is in order? Who knows.

LOVE the aerogarden.... I don't write all that down... heck some days I don't even know what I planted LOL but I sometimes write down a date in the homeschool logs when I'm recording hours.... you know... plant science ;-) Like yesterday we planted a magnolia tree seed. Now she has to journal it ;-)

And go Jodi!!!!!
Smiles! Becca said…
Bad mail mojo. Thats what it is! I keep thinking it has to get better.Lol

My W.A.B. isnt rearing its ugly head this week.That will probably be next week.Lol. I hope you conquer yours!

Jan I LOVE magnolias!That would be a fun project here too.Well we wouldnt be able to do a maagnolia tree.But something that grows here.
Freda said…
I love the aprons Becca and the new blog look. I hope you get the PO straightened out soon and stop that bad mail juju. I hope you have a great weekend.

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