I LOVE saturdays. I would have to say its my favorite day. Hubby is playing around the house kids are all doing their own thing and I get to play with my stuff! This is what I did! Baby Tice is expected around the end of November so I made him a snuggly. So so so easy and fun. I am going to go get more polar fleece and make a few more of these. He needs a few and in diffenernt sizes. Maybe I will make a couple for the gift closet too!

They barely use a yard of fabric and only 3 pattern peices. My kind of project!

Here is a closer picture of the receiving blanket. They are also super super easy. I buy one yard of fabric. I do make these two layers so two different peices. The bigger peice is one yard square. The smaller peice is 34 inches square.All I do is fold over the larger piece to self bind.Super quick and easy. The left over fabric I use for burp cloths.

I just got this fabric in the mail. Its for a swap that I am doing. Its so yummy and makes me want to go get another cup of coffee!
Now what am I going to do today.hmmmmmmmmmmm


Jan said…
I have never seen a snuggly like that before, but it is wonderful!!!! How lucky is that baby!!! :-D And of course I LOVE the coffee fabric!!!! Glad you got some play time for you!!!
Garsh- the snuggly is adorable! Looks SO cozy. Love the threads from the other post.
Anonymous said…
Becca.....the snuggly looks wonderful. Is this your pattern or is it available for sale somewhere??? My soon-to-be great neice would look wonderful in this.

Karen L

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