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Big Sisters Quilt :)

Well I am doing these posts backwards. I wont repeat what my daddy used to call it. But I am sure some of Yall can figure it out ;-)....... I wanted to start with the baby shower photo's but my friend and designated photographer went to Disney World. Lol....Then I was going to show you all the baby boy gifts.....But one of the gifts didnt make it in time and I have to show them all together.It made a side trip to Hawaii......(long story)
SO I am starting out backwards!!!! I just wasnt feeling the boy gifts. Not in a boy mood I guess. I was actually in quite a mood about it. I referred to the whole lot as boy ugly! Dont take offense Jody! You picked out an awesome quilt and fabric. It just wasnt what I was in the mood for. (mom & dad however were over the moon with it)
To make myself happy I decided that big Sis needed her own quilt and matching doll quilt. Of course I didnt read sizes and it came out twin sized! I swear one of these days I need to actually read ALL the directio…

Just Smile :)

Now that it is warming up outside I can look at this from last week and not want to scream. We got a total of 13 inches. I am a bad mommy. I just had to make her wait until I could get a picture.Lol
Today since I was needing a "spring break" I decided to start my tomato's and Cucumbers. I cant wait to put them in the ground! I still cant believe I and looking forward to gardening. That is not like me! My favorite book at the moment. Its really better then my gardening for dummies book. More tailored for ND. Breaks down what to do month by month and what to start indoors. I am a little behind since I forgot that I had it!
Oh yeah! There was some fiber therapy going on too! Remember Crush? Well He is done! He is huge, but he is done. Wow I really cant believe how big he is.
The Rock The Cradle baby shower was this weekend too. I was a wonderful wonderful party. I will have pictures of that and more of my stash quilts soon :)


It must be me. I surely thought we were headed into spring!!!!We wound up getting 13 inches. Woke up to a wonderful white wonderland. Taking care of the chickens was sure peachy.Lol

A Bright Day After All

Today did NOT start of looking good. Woke up to a news cast that we are expecting up to 15 inches of snow. That would be after it has rained for the day. K.....I am sure that will be a bonus to help with the flooding. The snow will cover up the yucky mud though so lets look on the bright side.It could be worse.
I go to do my 2.5 miles on the treadmill and my ipod is broke...No problem I will just one of the kids. Yup all dead. But hey I have my computer I can just plug it in..K now I am running late but it could be worse right?
Little A lets the dogs out while I am in the shower trying to help me out. Worker Boys dog somehow finds a break in the fence and makes a break for it.Bel of course decides this is GREAT fun and takes off after her. Little A by this time is sidetracked trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast and neglects to mention this. I head down to the quilt studio to begin working as I have a good friend coming over to learn how to run Gracie.
Something seems to be mis…

Casey Abrams : With A Little Help From My Friends : American Idol Top 13

I am Loving me som Casey!!!! I am so proud of all 3 of my favorite guys though James Durbin and also Scotty McCreary! I think its a guys year on AI!!!

Im Feeling Productive :0)

I just LOVE that feeling.
I finished stash flimsy #13 yesterday. 4 more to go to reach my goal! On top of being so close to reach my goal I have completed one of the baby quilt tops, started another that wasnt on the list, and have even started all the baby shower goodies to go with the quilt.
I felt so good today that I even got my 2.5 miles in on the treadmill. I LOVE winning over a sinus headache! I had even forgotten about my netti pot (thank you Laura) so next one I feel coming on is going to get an extra whammy. I will tell you that I was given a tincture by my mom when I was there. Its called Oregon grape. nastiest taste even but I really do think its the reason I didnt wind up at the doctors today.
Just thought I would share my view. Whenever I sit down to get on the laptop Bel thinks she is needed to help. Most of the time she is sitting ON the laptop. she is quite the helper!

Nap Time!!

Woke up with a horrible sinus headache and in a foul mood. No pun intended on my chicken swap goodies! :) Nothing else for me to do but loose myself in the quilt studio where I can play with things that make me happy....
But first I got some pictures of my Hot Mama Chicken Swap goodies!!! Boy did Laura spoil me rotten!!! She made me a wonderful rooster mug rug. ALong with that is the cutest little chicken clip ( you can see it on the corner of the mug rug.) A wonderful Chicken coffee mug, some yummy tea I am going to try in about 5 min, and also some recipes for chicken crock pot dinners! I cant wait to try those too!
The best part are the aprons.....Yes I said aprons. She sent two!!!! Now forgive the pictures. My martha is a little portly and so she doesnt show these aprons off to their best. They are fabulous! I cant decide which one I love the most! Thank you Laura!!These are my goodies from the Cheer Up swap. They did make me smile :). Wendy did such a fun job with all my little goo…

Getting My Groove Back

Why does it take so long to get it back? If I go anywhere it takes me about a week to get back going. I forced myself today though to go down to the quilt studio.Then I didnt want to leave! Go figure. I am on a time crunch now though. Baby shower is in 3 weeks and I havent even started the quilt! I have a list of other things to get done too.Ugh.
Not to mention I have an anniversary gift to get made this week. I have until Friday when they come over for dinner.Hehehehe. Nothing like a deadline. I am thinking I am going to make my friend a purse. Any easy peasy pattern ideas would be much appreciated.
I took a TON of photos to share including my Cheer up swap goodies. But I cant find my uploader. I am sure its where I last put it but who can know where that it.........
SInce I cant leave without posting a picture though I thought I would update you on my little man.I love it when his mommy sends me new pics. He haas learned how to use his dump truck as a wheel chair :)..I love this kid.

Not Quilt Related

I am a terrible bowler but its never about the game with us. Just the company :) .....I love these people.They make life so much fun!

My skater boy is so much a young man now. I cant believe he will be 18 soon.I am the second B and also AHEAD!! Just this game though the next ones I bombed.
Of course a good beer will always help!
I wanted so badly to quilt today but it just didnt happen. I havent been able to get my groove back since we got home from Moms. It doesnt help that the basement is tile floor and its below zero out. I need to get my little heater back on. That always solves the floor problem. :)