Big Sisters Quilt :)

Well I am doing these posts backwards. I wont repeat what my daddy used to call it. But I am sure some of Yall can figure it out ;-)....... I wanted to start with the baby shower photo's but my friend and designated photographer went to Disney World. Lol....Then I was going to show you all the baby boy gifts.....But one of the gifts didnt make it in time and I have to show them all together.It made a side trip to Hawaii......(long story)

SO I am starting out backwards!!!! I just wasnt feeling the boy gifts. Not in a boy mood I guess. I was actually in quite a mood about it. I referred to the whole lot as boy ugly! Dont take offense Jody! You picked out an awesome quilt and fabric. It just wasnt what I was in the mood for. (mom & dad however were over the moon with it)

To make myself happy I decided that big Sis needed her own quilt and matching doll quilt. Of course I didnt read sizes and it came out twin sized! I swear one of these days I need to actually read ALL the directions! Jody picked out these fabrics too! When I got them in the mail I KNEW they fit little princess Abigail. I love love love them!
BTW she got the doll quilt because the stupid directions were so confusing I evidently cut out a million EXTRA squares! I swear, I reread that part 20 times and STILL messed it up..Oh well it worked out in the end.
I used a pretty pink Perma core thread and just did a feather meander on the both quilts. I should of gotten a better picture but when I went to get a close up I noticed all the dog hair all over the floor I just had vacuumed! Worker boys lab is shedding so much I could build another dog!


Jody said…
Love what you did with the girly fabric!! And what's the name of that panto? I want it!!
jennifer robin said…
My Boxer Rocco doesn't shed too bad!! I'm just stopping by to everyone that signed up for Shawnee's next swap to say hi!!!!
Laura said…
Gorgeous! Gorgeous!!

I'm so Jealous of your quilting skills!!
Amy said…
Such a beautiful quilt. I am still looking for a pattern for my daughter. This may be one I have to look at!
Amy I tried to email you back but it wouldnt go through. If you need the name of the pattern I can get it for you.

Jody not a pattern, freehand!

Jennifer I have a boxer too! you are right the shedding isnt as bad and my chocolate lab!

Thank you Laura :)

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