Just Smile :)

Now that it is warming up outside I can look at this from last week and not want to scream. We got a total of 13 inches. I am a bad mommy. I just had to make her wait until I could get a picture.Lol
Today since I was needing a "spring break" I decided to start my tomato's and Cucumbers. I cant wait to put them in the ground! I still cant believe I and looking forward to gardening. That is not like me!
My favorite book at the moment. Its really better then my gardening for dummies book. More tailored for ND. Breaks down what to do month by month and what to start indoors. I am a little behind since I forgot that I had it!
Oh yeah! There was some fiber therapy going on too! Remember Crush? Well He is done! He is huge, but he is done. Wow I really cant believe how big he is.
The Rock The Cradle baby shower was this weekend too. I was a wonderful wonderful party. I will have pictures of that and more of my stash quilts soon :)


Anonymous said…
i hesitate to ask this because it might indicate that i might actually do something....but does your book have info for SOUTH dakota gardens too? container type gardens? there. i said it.
Jan said…
Go Becca!!!!! Garden for me too!! LOL Poor puppy!!!!! She doesn't look too miserable though....
Lol Kay you make me smile :)...You so sound like me last year! Well I dont know if this will be good news or bad news but the book was written for both North and South Dakota! Lol..So yes it would work for you too!

Jan she thought she was miserable but she was soon snuggled and dried right off.Lol
oh yeah. It doesnt really get into container gardening but it would be easy to incorprate. It does have other sections lawn care, flowers, herbs, and then it is all broke down by month....
taylorsoutback said…
We got it too...13" and I can look out the window without becoming too hysterical also. We are definitely moving in the same direction as my tomato and pepper seeds are planted and even a few have started to sprout & I have a gardening book that focuses on my neck of the woods...spooky, huh? Talk about similarities.

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