Nap Time!!

Woke up with a horrible sinus headache and in a foul mood. No pun intended on my chicken swap goodies! :) Nothing else for me to do but loose myself in the quilt studio where I can play with things that make me happy....

But first I got some pictures of my Hot Mama Chicken Swap goodies!!! Boy did Laura spoil me rotten!!! She made me a wonderful rooster mug rug. ALong with that is the cutest little chicken clip ( you can see it on the corner of the mug rug.) A wonderful Chicken coffee mug, some yummy tea I am going to try in about 5 min, and also some recipes for chicken crock pot dinners! I cant wait to try those too!
The best part are the aprons.....Yes I said aprons. She sent two!!!! Now forgive the pictures. My martha is a little portly and so she doesnt show these aprons off to their best. They are fabulous! I cant decide which one I love the most! Thank you Laura!!These are my goodies from the Cheer Up swap. They did make me smile :). Wendy did such a fun job with all my little goodies! I again cant decide what I love the most but I am thinking the little rabbit finger puppets.Lol. They crack me up. I truly do love it all though.

So this is one of the things I accomplished today. :).....I settled on purse pattern. I cant say I love it but I do think it turned out nicely. I think my friend will like it.

I also finished two more quilt tops. One a stash quilt the other one of the baby quilt tops. Unfortunately my head is still hurting but my foul mood is gone! There is something so therapeutic about playing with fabric and goodies!


taylorsoutback said…
Aprons are certainly the hot item now! You will definitely have fun with yours...I received one at Christmas & another for my birthday & they both fit ! I think your Martha & I would get along famously - :o)

Hope you are feeling better real quick
Laura said…
I'm Happy you like your swap package:)

For your sinus headache...Have you ever tried a nettie pot?? I had my first sinus infection last year & it was a doozy! Nothing helped but the nettie pot!
Hope you're feeling better:)

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