Im Feeling Productive :0)

I just LOVE that feeling.

I finished stash flimsy #13 yesterday. 4 more to go to reach my goal! On top of being so close to reach my goal I have completed one of the baby quilt tops, started another that wasnt on the list, and have even started all the baby shower goodies to go with the quilt.
I felt so good today that I even got my 2.5 miles in on the treadmill. I LOVE winning over a sinus headache! I had even forgotten about my netti pot (thank you Laura) so next one I feel coming on is going to get an extra whammy. I will tell you that I was given a tincture by my mom when I was there. Its called Oregon grape. nastiest taste even but I really do think its the reason I didnt wind up at the doctors today.

Just thought I would share my view. Whenever I sit down to get on the laptop Bel thinks she is needed to help. Most of the time she is sitting ON the laptop. she is quite the helper!


Jody said…
Glad you are feeling better--and love the new top.
Freda said…
You sure have been busy. I have actually had to sew seat covers with Jazzy sitting on my fabric as I push it throught the machine. Good thing she don't weigh much.

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