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Two Drink Minimum

My favorite customer sent me this wedding ring last week. Looks pretty flat doesn't it........ :0).....She is amazing my favorite customer. 80 something and still whipping those quilts out. I will pull out ALL the tricks to flatten out her tops. I just feel privileged she still wants to send her quilt tops from Alaska.I also joined another swap. I couldnt hel[ myself! How can you say no to a Cheer Up swap? It looks like so much fun and I cant wait to stalk my partners blog to see how I can cheer them up!
Dont think I have given up on my Stash quilts. I am on 8 right now! I just haven't gotten pictures of the last finished flimsies. Wouldn't you know it other quilts just creep right in there and demand attention! I havent added any new material to the stash yet. I say yet because my favorite Quilt shop employee Jody should be sending me some soon! In my defense though its for a baby quilt that I actually couldn't pull from my stash for!
I even had a hard time believing th…

My Peeps :0)

Id like you to meet my ND buddies. Well one of them is actually from AK like me. These are the girls I play with. My girls :0).We decided that we needed a special night out for just us. No hubbies, no kids, just us.
We laughed until we cried and there was never a lull in the converstion.
We made pretty pink Martini's and went to a special restaurant for dinner.
I cant wait until we have another girls night. I think everyone should take that time with their girls!

Playoff Party!

Great times and great friends.
As you can see we did allow a few Bears fans into the house.

But we prevailed!
Hard day shopping for a few new Packer items and baby I am SET for superbowl!

Football Break

Phew! What a stressful day! Pictures on the game day later. Lol. We had a house FULL of packers/bears fans. It got LOUD let me tell you! But the PACK prevailed and on to the Superbowl!!!!! Yeah baby! Color me happy :)....
Anyhow this is another stash buster. Not part of the 16 though! My fave cousin called me in hopes I could hook her up with a baby quilt for a good friends baby shower. It is SO SAD that I had just what she was looking for in my stash. Not only did I have enough for the quilt but also a matching hooter hider....Ladies I have a problem.hahahahaha Again, not one I plan on changing but still a problem none the less.
You didnt think I would get a picture of the quilt without Bel did you? Tried to get WH to hold her but he was to busy laughing that she was growling at the camera.
Hope your weekend was as good as mine!!!!!


My new light. :0).....Is anyone else nervous for tomorrow? I am also plugging for the Jets. I would love to see a Greenbay/Jets Superbowl!

True Story

Had to go to Home of Economy ( the everything store) today to get coveralls of Skater boy who has become worker boy....Thought that was the perfect store as they also carry animal feed and well fiesta ware, cowboy bbots, john deere clothing ,and many other things that make my heart go pitter pat.....
So as I am checking out I tell the nice young man "hey can you throw some layer feed on the bill".........He looks at me and says with a totally serious straight face "for your horses?"....!!!!!!!!..... You would of been proud of me.I did not start laughing so hard I was crying until I got IN the car.hahahahahaha It was so one of those here your sign moments.....
Thank you so much for all your input. I have an idea of what I am going to want. I messed around with my camera for a bit and rigged something so its at least temporarily working. The problem is in the SD card. Its not reading it even when its in the camera. I jammed something between the…

Question for you......

I have now killed about the gazillionth camera. SO I am going to have to purchase another. I do not understand camera websites and have been stalking them all tonight. So before I go to town tomorrow do any of you have a good recommendation for a good point and shoot?

Chicken Lovin Hot Mama's

Really do you think I could pass this up????Only 1 week sign up so if you are interested head on over to Vals Hot Mama Apron swap page!

We have a start :)

I have been working my little fingers to the bone! Well not really. In reality I have had an adult beverage at hand and a heck a lot of chocolate! It has als helped that WH was out of town for a week leaving me with plenty of free time after Little A was in bed. YAY for free time!
Each flimsy ( heheh I just love that word! Thank you Randi!) I was actually able to personalise to each person. Shocking that I had the fabric to do that huh.Lol The first one is for a John Wayne fan..

I ordered the pictures off of EBAY and only had to purchase 1 yard of fabric for this!
This is for a Mouse lover. I had to purchase 1/2 yd for this one.
Recognize the blocks? Did not have to buy a single piece for this flimsy!
Bel is back on the job as quilt inspector. This one is all about the tea pots and tea cups. I had to purchase 1/2 yd for this one.
I am having SO MUCH fun with this challenge. I feel such a sense of accomplishment as I finish each one. The best part is that each person that receives them will …

Stash Busting!

So my 16 stash busting quilts have morphed! Not a big surprise with me! These are the first 3. I had a gift to send off to a friend when I remembered she had 3 little guys who are obsessed with Monster trucks. I picked up 3 t shirts and whipped these up to stick in the box. Easy Peasy and I know they will be loved.
I mean Bel loves them! She has decided she is the official quilt inspector.
Total yards used was about 2. I had to purchase the backings but I am not counting those as they were pre printed Monster truck panels, and I even used left overs of batting! I am loving this stash busting challenge!

Can You Say Spoiled?

What a great surprise week I had this week!!! WH and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary last week. We had a great week. He spoiled me with dinner out to a great restaurant and a whole day to do nothing. Let me tell you we did nothing too! Can you ask for a great gift? He also slipped a beautiful Amethyst ring in there but I still have to get a picture of that. I got him some binoculars so he can stalk all the wildlife here a little better.
But then I get some awesome presents in the mail! Firstmy favorite customer sent me these goodies. A wonderful little table runner that I am so in love with and some guest dish cloths. They are so sweet! I love this lady. Se pays me to quilt for her AND spoils me rotten!
Then I get this box from Jody. WOWZERS! I cannot even explain how much I love these gifts. So meaningful too. She knows me very well.

The sweetest turtle purse charm. Its already on my purse. I LOVE it! A really really neat pot holder ( that will NEVER be used as a pot holder) made by …


1. The state or quality of being resolute; firm determination. 2. A resolving to do something. 3. A course of action determined or decided on.
I have never been a "New Years" resolution person. I make and set goals all year long. I do however use Jan 1 as one of the pivotal moments that I reflect on what I have accomplished.
This last year has been a year of sadness for me and for my family. So many things that I haven't even discussed here. As far as Goals/Resolutions go tho I think it has also been a successful year. Personally and also business wise I feel we are so much more ahead then we were a year ago.
I still havent completely set my business up here. I have a few customers from Alaska (thank HEAVENS they are understanding and patient). I do have a couple of people here that are making noises about bringing me quilts. Honestly......I will take it if it comes or not. I am so happy having time for my own things. I am VERY happy to have outside time in the s…